How you can create a family room to suit all ages

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The family home can be a place of bonding, growth and beautiful memories for the people who you love most. Sometimes, creating the right spaces with the right colour schemes and decorations can help you to create an atmosphere in your home that makes every room feel like a sanctuary away from the outside world.

When it comes to creating the perfect family room, it’s important to look at designs that offer something for people of all ages. After all, it’s just as important for mum and dad to feel at home as it is to give the kids a safe place to play. Since the family room is the most sociable room in the house, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to let your creative side run wild, and find something that’s comfortable and appealing to everyone!

What to consider for your family room

Ultimately, a family room should be all about connections and comfort. It’s the place where you hang out with your friends when you invite them over for coffee, and the room where you and the kids get together to play board games on a weekend.

For most people, the perfect family living room will be a blend of style and functionality. It should have all the light and seating that you need to keep everyone happy and make guests feel welcome, but it should also include personal touches that show off your unique sense of style.

Remember, everything that you choose for your family room should be addressed with attention to detail, durability, comfort and style. The age of each person in your home will need to be considered, but you can have a family room that appeals to the play needs of your toddlers, as well as the style interests of your teenagers.

To design a family room for all ages, all you need to do is keep three key points in mind.


The right light can make or break any room. A room that doesn’t have enough light can seem restrictive and unwelcoming, whereas one with wide-open windows and bright bulbs is often far more appealing. When choosing the lighting for your family room, make sure that you think about how you’re going to be using the space.

For instance, you might want to try out a range of free shutter samples to play with the way light comes through the windows. Some shutters can be closed completely for a cinema experience during movie night, or opened fully to let the outside pour in.

Make sure that you pick the right colour temperature of bulb for your living room. Often, cooler lighting is better for rooms that are intended for socialising, while warmer bulbs are better for bedrooms.


Comfort comes first in a family room, so it’s important to make sure that you have enough cosy seats for everyone. Usually, the fundamental piece of living room furniture is a large sofa, where everyone can cuddle up together to watch movies or just hang out in front of the television set. However, you might also want to consider extra seating for when friends come over.

If you don’t have a lot of room for extra seats, consider investing in a few large cushions that match your decoration and colour scheme. This will give your guests or your kids somewhere to lounge and join in the fun when the sofa is occupied.


Finally, a home is always more appealing if it feels like it’s yours. There are plenty of ways in which you can customise your family room for the whole family; just keep in mind that safety comes first when you have small children running around.

Try to stick to plenty of warm and comfortable things, such as a plush rug, a soft throw and countless cushions for the sofa. At the same time, don’t be afraid to decorate the walls with pictures of you and the family together. My blog header above has made a lovely canvas and hangs proudly on our wall.

Creating your perfect family room

No two families are alike, and no two family rooms will be the same. For instance, you might want to transform a corner of your family room into a play area or reading nook for the youngsters, or install a computer desk for your teenagers when they want some time to browse the internet.

Your idea of the perfect family room will be designed according to the needs of your loved ones, but if you keep comfort, light and personalisation in mind, then you should be able to design something that makes the whole family happy.

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