Essential Family Saving Tips

When you have children, saving can seem impossible, but with some careful planning, there are some savings to be made. Here are my top tips!

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When you have children, saving money can seem an impossible task. However old your kids are, whether babies, toddlers, or teenagers, they cost a lot of money. It is estimated that people will spend over £30 per DAY on their kids up to age 21. That’s a lot of money! Here are some essential saving tips you can use. They’re not rocket science, but if you can follow them, you’ll be on your way.

Budget – and stick to it

It’s so important to know your family budget and then stick to it. If you know your fixed incomings and outgoings, put them all onto a spreadsheet and then what’s left is yours. Try to keep some back for savings and contingencies. There’s nothing worse than a big bill coming in and no money to pay for it.

Avoid getting into debt

If you’ve budgeted properly you shouldn’t get into debt. Don’t be tempted to put things on credit or finance, unless you have a clear plan for paying it off and can afford the repayments. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it! Most of the time it’s not something you need, it’s something you want.

Buy Second Hand

Know when to buy brand new and when to buy second hand. For example, buying second hand tablets/phones or even refurbished tablets/phones for your teenagers will save you a fortune, and they will work just as well. You can also buy some clothes secondhand. Some things you won’t want to buy secondhand for hygiene purposes, but for always thinking about buying second hand first, you will save a fortune. Charity shops, jumble sales, eBay and Facebook selling groups are great for bargains. Most schools hold second hand uniform sales too.

Consider Purchases Carefully

Before making a purchase, consider it carefully. Does your baby girl really need 6 special event dresses when they grow so quickly? It can be tempting when the items are so beautiful, but stop and think.

Make sure you consider every purchase, and not just those specifically for your children. If you’re unsure, wait a few weeks to think about it. Chances are, the urge to buy something will disappear and you’ll automatically save money. I’ve been using this technique and it’s working well.

If you do decide to buy something, make sure you research first, with consumer sites like Which, or ask friends. What do reviews tell you about this product? This will ensure you make smart purchases. Use cashback apps like quidco or swagbucks to give you something back when you buy. Use comparison sites to save on insurance, holidays and more. See if you can save on utility bills by changing your provider. 

Give Your Kids Pocket Money

Giving your kids pocket money can encourage smart saving/spending in them from a very early age. Not only are you teaching them valuable lessons, you will also save money when they see something they like while you’re out and about. Instead of asking you for it, they can consider whether they really want to spend their own money on it. As a bonus, you can get them to do chores for it!


The infographic below can help you further and you can save it on Pinterest for quick reference.

credit to Cashfloat UK

*collaborative post. All opinions my own.

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