Choosing the Right Internal Doors for Your Home

Choosing the Right Internal Doors for Your Home

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The doors inside your home are most likely something that you don’t really think about. My first home had hideous internal doors and I changed them firstly by painting them white and adding new handles, which really freshened the place up. However, changing the doors inside a property is a subtle change which can really make a statement. There are plenty of different designs available to choose from, such as traditional shaker styles or contemporary designs with a glass panel. Here is everything that you need to know about choosing the right door for your home.

Veneered Doors

Veneered doors have a thin layer of wood, which is bonded to a substrate and pressed onto a timber frame. A lot of home owners opt for veneered doors as they look similar to a traditional timber door, but there is no risk of the timber warping and splitting. Veneered doors also tend to be more affordable than their fully timber counterparts.

Benefits of Veneered Oak Doors

If you’re looking to choose a new internal door for your home and you’re not sure whether to go for veneered oak or solid oak, there are several advantages to choosing veneered oak.

Low Maintenance

Veneered oak doors are very low maintenance in comparison to doors made of solid wood. You don’t have to worry about them getting dirty (for instance, if you have children or dogs which splash mud on them) as they can simply be wiped clean with a damp cloth. This will cause no damage to the door itself, unlike solid wood doors which may rot if they get damp regularly.


Opting for a veneered oak door gives you more choice when it comes to design. You can opt for a fully boarded door with long panels, a door with 5 panels, or a door with glass panels. The design can be based entirely on your preference, but there are some benefits to choosing certain types. For example, a door with glass panels will really open up the space in your home, which is perfect for smaller properties.

Changing your internal doors can make a big difference to your home decor. Here's a quick guide for affordable luxury in the home, either from a lick of paint to choosing oak veneer doors there's an option for you

Supplied Finished

When you purchase a veneered oak door, it is usually supplied finished. Sometimes when you buy a solid wood door, you’ll be required to finish it yourself with a stain. The door is easy to install if you’re competent at DIY, however if you’re fitting it in an area where there isn’t already a door, you may need additional fittings. If you do wish to finish your veneered oak door, always opt for a water based stain and check with the manufacturer where you purchased the door from before treating it! To finish your door, sand it down before applying a topcoat.

Lower Cost

Purchasing a veneered door makes financial sense, as they are much more affordable than a solid oak door. You can purchase a veneered oak internal door for less than £100, which makes fitting them throughout your home less harsh on the purse strings! Cheshire Mouldings has a great range of internal oak doors to suit all budgets, and some of them are pre-finished. If you choose a door which isn’t finished, you can customise it to your own taste by choosing a stain or paint which suits your decor.

Would you choose a veneered oak door for your home?

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