Christmas Shopping Hacks for Savvy Shoppers

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Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Well, don’t do it until you’ve read this. These Christmas shopping hacks are going to save you a ton of money and simplify the whole process for you. Are you ready? Let’s dive in.

Plan first

It sounds simple, but having a plan and a list for who you’re buying for and the budget for each person is so important (find some gift ideas and more resources here). It can be easy when you’re out to get tempted and buy things just because they’re on offer and then think about who they’re for later. Don’t get sucked in! I’ve just treated myself to a Christmas planner from Paperchase for £8 – I love it so much, I wish I’d got it ages ago and maybe I’d have saved some more money for Christmas.

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Of course you don’t need a fancy planner, a scrap of paper will do. The important thing is to list each person, the budget and perhaps ideas for their present(s). Once you have bought the presents, tick them off and write down what you actually spent. This will keep you on track.

Take advantage of deals and coupons

Now you have your list of what you have to buy and some ideas, seek out vouchers, coupons and deals from Dontpayfull for those items. Black Friday can be great, but it can also make you think you need things when you don’t. If you already have things on your wish list that then have a deal on, great! If not, don’t bother. I think a lot of it is what shops want you to buy rather than what the best deal is. Having said that, there are plenty of places that do a blanket 10-30% off on black Friday, so it might be worth hanging on for that. I think it’s worth making a wish list on Amazon to save for black Friday and cyber Monday and then re visit it on those days to see if any of your wish list items are in the sale.

Get cashback on your purchases

There are several ways to get cashback on your Christmas shopping. If you’re shopping online, try Swagbucks, Quidco or TopCashback before you shop. If you have a credit card that offers cashback, use this card and then pay it off in full to avoid interest. That will knock off a chunk of your shopping. See how much we’re saving already? Then, keep your receipts and upload them to receipt hog and shoppix apps for credits that add up to pounds.

When you’re out shopping

Take your list and plan with you. Make sure you’re well fed and watered before you go and in a good mood. We impulse buy when we are tired, hungry or thirsty. Don’t get sucked in to those offers of buy 3 get 2 free, or cheapest item free unless it’s directly going to benefit you and your list. You have to be strong. If you can, get your budget of money out in cash, so you can’t over spend. Take your own reusable shopping bags so you won’t need to buy bags (this comes from recent experience – I now own a Santa bag 🤦‍♀️).

If you suffer from shiny object syndrome, i.e. you get tempted with all the new sparkly things, then carry it around the shop with you, imagine it in your home, has it got a place, can you afford it? Will you still want it in a month’s time? If you still want it by the time you get to the till, then buy it. If you can’t find all you need, go home and get it online, or go out again another time. Don’t buy rubbish that you don’t need or won’t be appreciated just to finish.

Leave it until the last minute

This one is only for the brave, and if you need something like a specific item, maybe get that in advance, but in my experience the longer you leave it the better the discounts. Make sure you make the last delivery dates if you’re ordering online and good luck!

Don’t buy what you don’t need

The trouble with social media and TV is that they convince you that you need it all – a fantastic table display, the latest colour trends for decorations, all the latest toys and gadgets, a fabulous outfit, Christmas pyjamas and jumpers for all the family, Christmas eve boxes, the list is endless! I didn’t have even half of the stuff that’s available now and I always thought Christmas was so magical and special. Family and love is what makes it, not all the material goods. Don’t get into debt for the festive period, you’ll only regret it.

I hope you got something you can use out of these Christmas shopping hacks, if you found it useful, why not share with your friends?

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November 22, 2019
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