Coping with the Ups & Downs of Family Life

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Whether you like it or not, life isn’t always going to be ‘Happy Families.’

Raising a family is a beautiful thing and will be one of the proudest achievements, if not the proudest achievement, of your life, but it’s bound to come with its fair share of challenges. Indeed, family life can seem like a bit of a rollercoaster sometimes, with plenty of ups and downs; what’s key is how you deal with those down moments.

Here are three of the more common ‘life challenges’ you may well face as a family unit, and how to deal with them.

The Financial Demands

No matter your circumstances, you’re bound to face some financial pressures at one or more points in life. The fiscal demands of running a family make the risk of money worries a little higher, especially in periods of high activity (think family holidays, Christmas, birthdays and the like). Avoiding financial stresses plays a huge part in maintaining mental wellbeing, so it’s important you safeguard yourself as best you can.

The good news is good money management is easier than ever, as there’s plenty of tools out there to help you stay in the black. Start by creating a monthly budget; this will help you understand and curb poor spending habits. Use banking apps to automate your finances, so you’re sensibly distributing your money to your spending, saving and utilities accounts each month.

Struggling with debt? Develop a strategy that will help you to pay it off. And don’t forget to shop around; Compare The Market will help you find everything from the cheapest home insurance to a great mobile phone deal.

Getting your finances in order will take a huge weight off your mind, meaning you can focus on the rest of family life.

Effective Discipline

Unfortunately, there’s no manual that comes with a baby, and it’s only natural to feel a bit lost occasionally when it comes to raising your children. Instilling good character in your kids via effective discipline is probably the toughest challenge there is, as developing disciplinary behaviour will likely be a brand-new experience for you, and rest assured the kids will challenge you along the way.

Whether it’s the terrible twos or the teenage rebellion, be consistent with your standards and lead by example. Clear, respectful communication that goes both ways is essential, as well as a clear philosophy on your part. Work out a disciplinary style that works for you, the kids and your principles and stick to it.

Don’t worry, you’ll be doing a better job than you think.

Work & School Stresses

The juggling act of full-time job, full-time parent is commonplace these days, in fact both parents in full time jobs tends to be the norm. Sometimes, the pressures of the office and the stresses of keeping things going at home will collide to create the perfect storm. This doesn’t just apply to you either, your kids might be going through a tough time at school.

Trouble from work and school can easily spill over into home life, what’s important is that you all find time for yourselves and share the load so you can all find a positive balance. Split the household chores and try and identify some time each day to spend both as a family (the evening meal, for example) and for yourselves. Often, a little support or space will be all you need to get back on track.

No one said raising and running a family would be easy, but you can take action to make sure it’s as easy as possible. Even though things can be tough, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing your family blossom thanks to your hard work.

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May 20, 2019
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