Health Professionals You Should See (Other Than Your Midwife) During Your Pregnancy

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Your pregnancy, especially your first, will be filled with plenty of doctor’s appointments. Routine visits to your Midwife and/ or consultant, ultrasounds and routine checkups will start to fill your calendar once you find out you are expecting a child.

Your primary doctor will be your Obstetrician, who, along with your Midwife, will help guide you and monitor you through the full 9 months of pregnancy including the labour and birth. But, there are several other medical professionals that can be of benefit for you while you are pregnant.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the other types of health professionals that you may need to visit while you are pregnant.

General Practitioner

Your GP may not oversee the details of your pregnancy but you should still make an appointment with them once you find out that you are pregnant. They can help you monitor your general health and any health issues. Besides, they have the most knowledge about your current state of health. You may be more comfortable getting some advice at the beginning of your pregnancy, especially if it’s your first, from a doctor that you are more familiar and comfortable with.


Regular dental visits for routine issues like check ups and cleanings should be maintained while you are pregnant. Your gums and teethe can be affected by pregnancy. Dentists can tell by the health of your teeth, gums and oral tissues if you are in the best health or may be dealing with underlying issues that could affect your pregnancy.

It’s a good idea to stick to your regular cleaning schedule, but leave the bigger procedures for after your baby is born. Root canals or other types of dental surgeries should be put off if necessary unless it’s an emergency. For dental emergencies you can check online for a complete network of dentists open Saturdays when the unexpected happens.


Everything that you eat and put in your body can have an affect on your unborn child. If you need some helpful advice on the best dietary guidelines for your pregnancy you may want to talk to a nutritionist. They can help you get on track with a diet that is the healthiest for your pregnant body.

If you are having issues with nausea or morning sickness, it may be difficult to maintain a healthy diet. Consulting with a nutritionist can help you come up with a plan that will keep you healthy and eating enough of the protein and nutrients that your body needs. A nutritionist may also be able to help you come up with creative recipe ideas that can keep you healthy and able to keep your meals down without difficulty.


During your pregnancy your body will go through a lot of changes physically. A chiropractor or an Osteopath can help you with many issues while you are carrying your child, like back and pelvis pain. From back health, proper sleeping positioning and alignment of your body systems, a chiropractor can keep you feeling your best while you are pregnant.

Taking care of your own health and the health of your unborn child are a priority. From the health of your back and the alignment of your body’s systems to taking care of those unexpected dental issues, make sure to check in with these medical professionals during those 9 months.

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