How to Develop Your Child’s Bedroom to Express Their Creativity

How to Develop Your Child’s Bedroom to Express Their Creativity

Developing the bedrooms of your children is a great way to express their personality and to enable them to learn more about their characters, and what shapes them. It can also be beneficial to allow your children to help you in redeveloping their bedrooms, as it can lead to them having a lot of fun (painting, putting up posters, placing furniture/decorations in place where they want them) and when they help you it can mean that you don’t have to invest as much energy, thought and time into solely redeveloping their bedrooms on your own. Allowing the bedrooms of your children to progress alongside your children getting older, shows them that they are maturing and to able to have a say in their bedrooms will make them happy and feel that they are doing something important through expressing their personality.

If one of your children is, for example, an 11 year old boy, they are likely to have varied tastes and, as such, their bedroom should reflect that. Posters on the walls of their favourite bands, favourite TV shows or even their favourite computer games will add a ‘cool’ feel for your child; bedcovers are also an important aspect of your child’s room – be careful to choose a colour that they like or you could even pick a bedcover with – again – their favourite things on. Allow them to have a say in what they would like in their room. If your child would like a sports jersey pinned to a wall, allow that. Or if they would like their walls to be painted different colours instead of a singular colour, allow that too.


Sometimes, girls can be more diverse than boys and this could mean that your daughter will want far more different aspects to their room than your son. They may want items such as their toys in their room, rather than in any other part of the house. They may also want adult features in their room, such as electric fires, and you should allow them to be mature and choose adult features if they want them. They may want to mix and match their room between very girly to somewhat boyish, and you should allow them to express their personality through developing their room into something that they want it to look like, they will comfortable in, and will want to tell all their friends about.

Of course, with younger children of, say, 6 or younger, you should take the time to maintain their bedroom as they are too young to have a say and will probably just want to fill it with toys, their friends, lots of snacks, and you! With a younger child, instead of focusing a lot on the look and feel of their room, it is more important to ensure that their room is safe and free of any hazards. Of course, it should also be comfortable for them so that they – and you can get a good night’s rest without any disturbances or restless nights.

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