Dreams To Reality: Improving Your Career Prospects

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If you have a dream that involves doing something you love every day or walking out of an office with a job offer you’ve always wanted, it is possible to turn dreams into reality. It’ll take a lot of hard work to get to where you want to be, and finding the right career can often seem like a daunting task but you can always improve on yourself in the process. You may not be the ideal candidate at the moment, but there’s nothing stopping you from improving your career prospects. If you have targets you’re desperate to hit, here are some hacks that may prove helpful.

Gaining experience

Experience is incredibly valuable when it comes to applying for a job in almost any industry. Whether you want to be a TV presenter, a magazine editor or a project manager, having experience shows that you have the skills, the commitment and the desire to progress. If you want a job, and you keep being rejected on the grounds that other people have more experience, don’t give up. Find out about opportunities such as work experience or shadowing or look at jobs further down the ladder if you’re changing career. If you’ve already been working for a while, it may seem demoralising to take a pay cut, but if you’re doing what you want to do, ultimately, it’s worth the sacrifice. Once you’ve got a foot in the door, there’s nothing stopping you from climbing the ladder.

Developing your skills

If you were in an interview, and the panel asked you about your best attributes and why you’re suited to the role, what would you say? If you’re struggling to think of answers or you haven’t done much training or studying in the past, this doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your career ambitions. It may just mean that you need to take a few more steps before you hit that goal.

Perhaps you need help with your language skills if English isn’t your native language or you’d benefit from learning a different language. Maybe training in leadership and management would help you secure a more senior role. Maybe you’d be a more attractive candidate if you had training in accounting or using specific software systems or programmes. Or if your job entails working with people from different walks of life, getting an online masters in social work can greatly benefit you in the long run. There’s always room for development and progression, so look at your options. Booking courses and programmes or enlisting the help of language experts like AJ Hoge could make all the difference. AJ helps students learn English fast, and the course is flexible. Use feedback from interviews and read the job descriptions carefully. What are you lacking? How could you improve? What have other people got that is setting them apart?

Building confidence

Many people hit a stumbling block when it comes to job applications because they lack confidence. When you go for a job, your aim is to persuade somebody that you’re the best. If you do think you’re better than others, how can you expect other people to? If you don’t have much confidence, work on this. Take some classes to improve your presentation and public speaking skills, run through some questions and practice deep breathing. Focus on your strengths, and be confident about what you can offer.

If you’re struggling to hit those career highs, don’t worry. There are no perfect candidates out there, and it is possible to improve your prospects by taking some simple steps. Hopefully, this guide has inspired you to try and make your dreams a reality. Good luck!


Disclosure: collaborative post. All opinions my own.

Sharing is caring!

July 20, 2017
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