Easy Bits on the Side for Stay at Home Mums

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Don’t be outraged! These bits on the side are side-hustles, or jobs that work around your family commitments! Most stay-at-home mums would love to bring a bit more money into the household, but the demands of parenting and maintaining that household might, for some years, get in the way of a 9-5 regular job-type job.

Never fear, though, as there are a few ways you can have it all (or at least, a bit more…) if you use your existing skills and use them on your own terms. Here’s a few ideas to set you on the road to successful mumpreneurship.

You could invest in precious metals

This is more of a long-term hustle (if there is such a thing) that can rumble away in the background, earning money while you get busy with kids, cooking and any of the other ideas here. Investing in metals isn’t as scary as it sounds, you can head to this website and start your stock of silver, gold or platinum with as little as £20 or £30. If you keep adding to your pile, by the time the kids are off to college, you’ll have a great nest egg!

Do some tutoring

Depending on what you did BK (before kids), you may have some great skills that you can pass on. With tutoring, you can pretty much determine your hours and if your particular smarts are in demand, you could get up to £50 per hour! Even if you can’t quite run to these dizzying heights, you could offer conversational English for fairly decent rates.

Run an e-commerce store

This is not quite a set-up-and-sit-back option, but it is pretty plain sailing once you’ve got it all started. If you choose a drop-shipping option then you’ll have a third-party to do all the picking, packing and dispatching of orders, so that’s easy. You do, however, have to keep track of your inventory, decide which lines sell and which ones don’t, do all the descriptions and also deal with enquires and complaints.

It is a worldwide sort of gig, though, so you don’t have to have set times to do all these tasks.

You could become a virtual assistant

This has to be one of the best side-hustles going, because there’s an almost infinite number and variety of tasks on offer and you can complete them when you’re free. Also, once you’ve built up a rapport with a buyer, you often get repeat work and better rates.

Start party-planning

You’re probably already something of an expert here, having planned and run a good few birthday parties! If guests and other parents frequently tell you that your parties are the best they go to, then you may have something going on there. Many event and party-planners start from their own kitchens and end up organising huge corporate bashes!

On the other hand, you might just want to organise parties for your circle of friends and acquaintances for a modest fee. It’s up to you, but it’s one of the most fun side-gigs, that’s for sure!

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November 19, 2018
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