How to make the most out of your affiliate marketing with LinkDeli

How to make the most out of your affiliate marketing with LinkDeli

Affiliate marketing is an essential of blogging and social media, especially if you want to monetise your blog. It isn’t the only way to make money but it is an excellent income stream plus get it right and you can get passive income. It’s important to find the right products to promote, to be genuine in what you recommend and also find a way to present them well. I’ve been using Linkdeli for about 18 months now, and it’s incredibly easy to make lists and roundups of affiliate products with. You can easily make image grids without having to copy and paste images, worry about copyright, sizing and inputting links. Linkdeli makes it very easy for you. You can also use it to make blog round ups. Some of you may use Inlinkz for your Link ups, this is the same company.

Firstly, you add your affiliate shops to Linkdeli, they have some already listed like Amazon and quite a few on AWIN, but it’s compatible with any affiliate programmes. Any shops on AWIN you are joined to are easily added, you just add your affiliate link. Then you can add the Linkdeli bookmarklet button, and when you find the product you want to link to, just click the bookmarklet button and you can add it to your list or library of products, or both. If you’re not sure, here’s a post on how to add a product using the bookmarklet button or add product function. You can also use the bookmarklet tool to pick any link from any website, not only from ones you are an affiliate with,¬†and create lists with everything (products, services, posts, specific pages, videos).

I have quite a few lists, my latest one I’ve made is the Blog Planner one, which I’m working on for a post for parentbloggingsecrets. Below is a screenshot of the shops list on Linkdeli. The left hand side is my shops list, I have a few more which you can’t see. On the right is the available shops, which you can search for.

Below is a screenshot of how my lists look in Linkdeli. Once your list is complete, you can just copy the code if you want it embedded in your blog, or you can choose from Youtube, email list, Instagram list or Facebook and Pinterest. It’s so easy.

Here’s what it looks like when you press the bookmarklet button, you just choose the list you want and it’s added, including your affiliate code, and you can choose which image to use.

Once you have your list complete, this is what it looks like embedded in your blog post. You can customise the way it looks and you can also link several products together that are the same from different shops so buyers can choose where to purchase.

See how nice and professional it looks? And it took me about 5 minutes to make. I probably make 1 or 2 a month, they make such good quick round up posts and have made a real difference for my affiliate income. Linkdeli don’t take any cut from it, they make money from the subscriptions. You can also make an Instagram list to have custom links and more than one link on Instagram, just make an Instagram list, with say your blog, one of your popular product recommendations, your latest blog post, whatever you like – then get the one link and put that one in your Instagram profile. Watch a how to video here on making an Instagram list. The Youtube text is great, particularly if you’re making a craft or recipe video, it comes up with a supply list.

If you have any questions about using Linkdeli, I’d be happy to answer them. They offer customer support which has always been useful for me when I have needed it, they reply quickly and it’s a human being behind it. The subscriptions start from $15 a month which you’ll easily make back in sales. Want some more affiliate tips? Take a look at this video I made on affiliate marketing.

Disclosure: collaborative post with Linkdeli. All opinions my own. I use and love the product.

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