Emoji 8 inch Light Up Articulated Figures Review

Emoji 8 inch Light Up Articulated Figures Review

Emojis are everywhere, I’m a lover of the little expressive emoticons, from the smiley face to the crying with laughter – probably my most 2 used ones, along with the monkey covering it’s eyes. Kids love them, it’s an easy way for them to express themselves, and a simple character to get behind. With the Emoji movie now out, the merchandise has quadrupled, with Emoji now being a brand instead of something everyone owns.

We’ve taken in 2 emoji characters to our home which is the point of this post. These cheeky characters are brought to life in the form of figures that light up.


The 8 inch figures come with their own speech bubble that you can stand the characters on via holes in their feet. The feet aren’t movable. The left arm when raised lights up the head – the smiley face character called Gene’s mouth lights up. The right arm moves up and down and has no action. The only problem is the light doesn’t stay on, you have to keep the arm raised if you want the light to stay on. I guess it saves the battery, but for the kids it seems a bit pointless. They do like their characters though and Phoebe has claimed the female character Jailbreak.




She looks more impressive when she lights up, the hair and label on the hat lights up and I like her mischievous expression. You can’t really see the light up effect without showing you a dark photo. Again, the light doesn’t stay on. They retail at around £17.49 from places like Amazon and Argos. If you know a child who loves emojis and likes to collect figures, it’s a good toy for them, but if you’re after something lasting and for them to play with a lot, it’s probably not going to be the thing for them. My children are very pleased with them though, so that’s what counts.


Disclosure: we were gifted the figures for the purposes of this post. All opinions are my own.

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