A Step By Step Guide For Avoiding Impulse Purchases

Many individuals fall victim to impulse purchases when they spend time shopping. In truth, that isn’t the person’s fault because supermarkets and other stores use psychological techniques to produce those results. However, most people could benefit from leaving the cash in their bank accounts, and so the step by step guide below should come in handy.

Step 1: Never leave home without a shopping list

Creating a shopping list before leaving home is the best way to avoid impulse purchases. Just take half an hour to work out which items the household requires. Note them down on a piece of paper and do not deviate from the list.

Step 2: Mess with your smartphone in the queue

People tend to make impulse purchases when they are left queuing at the checkout. That is because their eyes begin to wonder, and they notice discount deals placed around the area. Taking a moment to mess around with a smartphone could stop shoppers from losing their concentration and making an impulse purchase.

Step 3: Don’t accept any offers from the cashier

Sometimes store managers will ask clerks to push some products during the checkout process. So, if anyone sat behind the counter asks “can I interest you in some whatever,” the answer is always “no.” Remember that, and impulse purchases could become a thing of the past.

People who follow that process the next time they go shopping should manage to come back without lots of unnecessary items they didn’t need. So, print this guide and keep it to hand for future reference.

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