Finding my Summer Happy


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There’s been a feeling of dread creeping over me since about March – the evenings got lighter, bedtime got harder to enforce and early risings became more and more frequent. Then there’s the thought of the summer holidays with no school, less opportunities to work and stay sane, squeezed finances not to mention the heat! I’m more of an autumn/winter person, I hate sweating, my thighs chafe, I burn easily and my light eyes make sunny days a squint fest. There are too many bugs, and they also like biting me. I much prefer snuggling up with a blanket, dark evenings, being indoors with rain beating down on the windows. I love the festivals of Winter – Halloween, then Fireworks night swiftly followed by the ultimate, Christmas. I don’t even mind January, I love the new year possibilities and then you’re into the run up to Easter, plus it’s Phoebe’s birthday in March. I see summer as something to be endured sometimes.

Gradually though, Summer is working it’s magic. The longest day has passed meaning the nights will gradually draw in, but it’s warm and bright outside. The trees and flowers show me their brilliance and lush greenery, and when it’s not oppressively hot it’s really quite pleasant outside. The children are enjoying playing in the garden and exploring nature, they are happily entertained outside. Seeing their joy makes me happy. We went to the seaside at the weekend, and we had one of those magical days, we remembered all the essentials without over burdening ourselves, we didn’t spend too long or not enough time, we practically had the beach to ourselves with no added pressure to buy anything (we chose a quiet spot with only one pub on the beach). It was warm but not blisteringly hot, everyone was smiling and happy. I feel positive about our family holiday now, even though we’re camping.




The rest of the summer holidays should pass smoothly enough, I’m still nervous about them, but I can do it. Last year I did a Facebook live every day for the first 3 weeks, this year I’m going to continue vlogging over on Instagram Stories, which has become my little vlogging home, it’s so easy to publish instantly and re-take if I’m not happy. I also know people are watching and I feel like I have an audience. I may still do some Facebook lives, perhaps a weekly update, what do you think? To continue my positive summer vibe, here are the things that will make my Summer happy and my summer gratitude list:

Sea air

Flowers in bloom

Not wearing shoes


Spending time together as a family

Spending time with my older two children without the toddler in tow (when he’s at nursery)

Having a proper no work holiday

Seeing the joy in my children’s faces as they play outside

The winter colds and coughs seem to be gone

Swimming outside


Marshmallows on sticks

Long lazy days

No school runs

Seeing friends


Stocking up on Vitamin D

Being able to go away on holiday at all


Well, that’s a start, there’s lots more that prove Summer isn’t so bad, and we’ll survive. I may even enjoy it. What’s your summer plan? Do you love it or loathe it?


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July 4, 2017
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