4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Be First Aid Trained

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Most people know that they should put a plaster on a cut when it’s bleeding, but how many people actually know the level of first aid that is required to really help someone? Not enough people across the country are trained in first aid and this means that more people are heading to the emergency room when their problem could have been solved at home. Keep reading if you’d like to know more about why you should become first aid trained today.

Save Hospital Staff Time

One of the reasons why people wait so long when they go to a hospital in an emergency is because of the number of people who are there when they don’t need to be. Understandably, parents get worried about their children and they are often seen as a priority but sometimes the people in line could have solved their problem with some basic first aid. If you learn first aid, you could help a friend or a family member and let the hospital staff focus on more serious injuries.

Help Your Family

If you are first aid trained, you will be able to help your family out with any sort of accidents that happen. You should always make sure to have a proper first aid kit in your home like the ones from MFASCO so that you are prepared for most situations. This is especially important if you have children or elderly parents who are prone to falling or hurting themselves. If you are first aid trained, you can solve the problem right away and save yourself the worrying.

Better Job Prospects

In any workplace, it is required that there are enough people who are first aid trained that can step in if any accidents happen. If you are applying for a job and you are first aid trained, you will be able to make yourself seem like a better candidate. The new employer won’t have to worry about organising training and you can show off your skills when someone needs your help.

Saving People’s Lives

Have you ever been out in public and something has called for someone who is first aid trained to help with an emergency? Every day accidents occur, and your first aid training could be the difference between life and death for a complete stranger. Think about how you could help someone who had an accident on a bus or someone who had been injured on the street. Sometimes it can be too late if you wait for an ambulance to come and people suffer because not enough people know what to do. If you were first aid trained, you’d be able to help that person and make yourself proud at the same time.

Make sure to do some research to find out how you can get first aid trained today. You’ll be able to help your family, colleagues and even yourself if something were to happen.


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  • Reply Lucy Gibson

    My wife and I are excited about having our first child later on this year. We both talked about the importance of getting first aid training so that we can help in an emergency. I didn’t even consider the benefit of being first aid trained in the workplace. It makes sense that this could help you get a job if the workplace knows you could also help out in an emergency situation.

    May 30, 2018 at 11:03 pm
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