Frame My Name Personalised Prints and Giveaway!

Frame My Name Personalised Prints and Giveaway!

What’s in a name? We choose our children’s names with care and attention. Hopefully. I do wonder sometimes, with some of the names I hear in the delivery room and in my career as a midwife! With William, it’s a name we already had in mind and had in fact discussed it on one of our first few dates! Little did we know that in the future we’d have our very own William.

William is derived from the German Willhelm and is split into two parts, Will meaning determined and helm meaning helmet, protection. Therefore it means ‘Determined Protector.’

It suits him perfectly. He’s the oldest, so he protects his siblings and his family and feels the responsibility of being the elder child. Then we have Phoebe, we took 4 days to name her as nothing I had planned seemed to fit. She was born under the ‘Supermoon’ of 2011, and after trawling name books I tried to find something related to the moon. There was the Goddess of the moon, Diane or Diana, but I didn’t fancy that, so I eventually found out that Phoebe was related to the moon. As soon as I said, ‘What about Phoebe?’ to my husband, he said ‘Yes, that’s it, that’s her name!’ and he wouldn’t hear any alternatives. Lucky I liked it too, and so she was named. It fits her bright sunny personality and goes well with William.

Stemming from the Greek, Phoebe means shining, brilliant and originally one of the names for the Greek moon Goddess

I like the fact that we have the moon in the meaning of her name and it always reminds me of the time. Lastly comes Daniel. We originally wanted a more outlandish name, something different for our last child, but nothing seemed to fit. There’s immense pressure when it comes to choosing a name for a person for life, there’s so many factors to take into consideration. He was originally going to be Monty, and we almost named him that, then my husband phoned me that evening as we were still in hospital, saying he didn’t want to choose it anymore. I’d been having doubts too so we were back to the drawing board. Over that night he came back to me from special care and I spent some time just drinking him in. He arrived like a bull in a china shop and he was so determined to feed and do well despite being poorly at the beginning (he had polycythaemia) that I wanted a strong name for him. I’d always liked the name Daniel, but my cousin and my husband’s cousin have the same name. I then realised it might be nice to have it, a family name on our side too, and I liked the origin of the bible story Daniel and the Lion’s den. It’s also a hebrew name which is a nod to my Jewish heritage on my mother’s side.

Daniel, a biblical Hebrew name meaning ‘God is my Judge’

So far he shows courage, determination and strength – he wrestles William to the ground, loves fiercely and has boundless energy. When he was born and named I bought him some wooden letters entwined with animals that hang on his door. William has an art print we found in a jumble sale that is hand painted, but Phoebe didn’t have anything until now. Thanks to the people at Frame My Name, we now have a beautiful print of her name with an animal on each letter. Prices start at £14.99 and the quality is really good, you can see all the detail and I’m really proud to display Phoebe’s picture. I like to celebrate each name as a celebration of each child and display it proudly.





Here’s your chance to win your own personalised name print from Frame My Name, complete with a white card mount. There are 3 in total to give away for 3 separate winners. You can choose from animals like mine, or choose from a wide range of different options such as transport, fairies, space, princess, woodland and lots more, have a look at the full range here. I went for animals so it would be timeless, if I went for fairies or princesses, she might grow out of that and not like it anymore – that was my reasoning anyway! Enter via the gleam widget below and stay tuned for more giveaways and to follow my ramblings. Share this post with anyone you know who’d love this using the buttons below.

Frame my name 3 x personalised prints

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Disclosure: I was gifted the picture and frame from Frame my name for the purpose of this post.

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