Yesbets Matched Betting Website Review

A review of yesbets, the new matched betting website that takes you through the matched betting process.

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I predominantly blog about parenting, family topics, in particular pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding, but I’m a multi faceted person, and I also like to talk about DIY and homes, food, fashion and beauty and making and saving money. It’s the latter that I’m focusing on today, and definitely falls into the ‘and Life’ part of Midwife and Life. If it’s not your thing, scroll on by and you’ll find something you like.

I’d heard about matched betting online from my fellow bloggers as what’s known as a ‘side hustle,’ which is anything you can make as a boost to your regular income. This can be anything, from offering to weed the neighbour’s garden for money to a side business on top of a main job.

Not long ago I published a guest post all about matched betting, and I promised to give it a go. I opened up betting accounts with Coral and Betfair, which are both known ‘reputable’ UK betting companies, and made minimum deposits (£5 in each) but the figures still confused me and I was a little wary of trying, but more than that I knew I needed some time set aside to do it right. I know several people who do it successfully as a source of regular, tax free income. I’ve actually had a go now, thanks to yesbets, who offered me to review their website and process. In the interest of transparency, they paid me a fee for my time in reviewing the website and in creating this post. I hope my opinions still remain honest and true.

So far I can say the process is actually fairly simple, once you know the principles. I don’t think I’ll be sat studying the bookmakers and offers every day, but I wouldn’t say no to doing it in the future. I can see the potential to make money, but it does feel like a gamble, even though there are strict conditions. Old habits die hard I guess. I’ll talk you through how I did it with the help of  YesBets. It’s the most user friendly one I’ve found, giving you step by step instructions and videos at every stage. If you’re not sure on a stage you can simply go back and digest it again. There’s really no big mystery to it.

First things first, you need a minimum of £45 to deposit, so I had to top up my £5 on Betfair to £40. You just need the £5 in Coral. If you follow the instructions, you won’t lose this money, but it will take a few days depending on which sport you bet on to get it back, so bear this in mind. If you have it spare, use it, but if you need it for food, petrol, anything essential, leave it for now. It’s free to sign up for a yesbets account, there is a premium membership option, but you don’t need it for the basics and there are plenty of offers to keep you going. If you get the hang of it, enjoy it and find it profitable for you, then by all means it can be worth signing up for, because all the hard work is done for you. I’ve just got the basic account and it’s fine for me. Here’s what the site claims:


Double your income in one month! Well, that depends on what your current income is, but there is potential to earn around £1200 a month, and it’s tax free. You’ll need to be able to follow instructions and have a basic understanding of the betting system and how to place a bet. There’s no need to understand anything about the sports, believe me. There’s no form studying or anything like that, it’s simply maths, off setting bets and using the free bets that the gambling sites offer you as incentives to make a profit. Once you’ve got your account set up you can go through your first offer, which is usually Coral and Betfair. There’s a video at each stage of the process, some I watched more than once and then I decided to go for it. It was laid out for me, which one to choose and when you click through, the slip is even filled out for you. As long as you’ve put the correct deposit amounts in the boxes, the numbers will add up.


You need to place a qualifying bet at Coral, for £5, but you offset that with the bet they tell you to make in Betfair. Whichever side wins or loses, you’ll make a small loss of about 20p. Then you qualify for the 4 free £5 bets from Coral, so you have 4 more goes at bets where you get all the profit from the win lose or draw, whichever side wins. So if you bet on England to win on Coral and England to lose on Betfair, whichever bet comes through you’ll get the profit. It’s not an amazing profit, more like £4, but that adds up. All the bets are laid out for you in a table in yesbets, you choose which one to go for, which amount of profit you’ll get and when it is. Once you know what you’re doing you can go for larger amounts of money.


Once I’d  done the first 2 bets, I gained confidence, it was simple and I hoped it was effective! The only thing was my potential profits went way down because my Betfair exchange balance was going down too. You need a certain amount in the lay exchange (I guess as an insurance for them) to place a certain bet. So I waited until those bets had finished and paid out before I topped up the balance in Betfair, as I didn’t want to keep adding my own money without seeing results. And the results? It worked, if you remember I deposited £45 in total at the beginning, I then made £12.36 from my Coral account and then £43.53 from my Betfair account after completing the 4 free bets. That’s a total of £10.89 – woo hoo! Well, it’s a profit at least, but I had to put in a bit of time to get that amount. I now know the process though and it was very quick at the end. They claim you can make £15 in 5 minutes, maybe you can if you whizz through it, but it probably took me about an hour in total over a couple of days, as I waited for some of the sports to be completed.

After the initial offer you can then go through and make your way down the other bookmaker offers, if you get serious about it there’s a Facebook group you can join and there are always ways to make your money.  I found the process is what it says it is, it is risk free apart from human error, and if you’re keen on giving matched betting a go, yesbets is the best site I’ve found, and the most simple to follow. They have online chat too in case you get stuck. The website has a clear layout and a good support system. Any questions? Give me a shout, if I can’t answer, I’ll ask the people who know. Remember, don’t spend any money on the bookmaker sites other than what you need to to qualify for the offers, otherwise you’re gambling.


Disclosure: I have been compensated for my time in writing and producing this review, however all opinions remain my own.

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