4 Animals That Are Significantly Richer Than Me

Have you written a will yet? Would you leave money to your pet? Fun facts about money being left to pets and the biggest fortune an animal has ever had

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I still haven’t written my will yet, it’s something I know I should do, I’ve spoken about it with my husband and my family, so my wishes are known, but nothing is written down. I don’t know why I’m dragging my heels, perhaps the financial impact puts me off, and the seemingly empty hole it goes into. There is always something else that needs paying first. It’s a bit like paying into insurance, but one you won’t benefit from. We only have the house as an asset, everything else is minus money still or not worth very much. I know we should name guardians for our children should we both meet a grisly end, but we’ve spoken to family who would take on the role for us. We are both insured so we’d be looked after if one or the other of us should die.

Some people love their pets so much they leave their money to them, or a charity, we’ve all seen those programmes where the evil daughter or son learns that their mother or father has left all the money to the cats protection league! People do decide to leave their assets to pets and even virtual strangers, as this Infographic from thelawhouse.com shows. I know there are some days as a parent when I would gladly leave all my worldly goods to the moth in the bathroom rather than the children the amount of whining and ingratitude I get, but on the whole I’d like to see them right and they do deserve it. I think. Wait until you see what Gunther the dog bought with his money –

Seriously! What would he do with a mansion and who decided he would buy it! It seems strange that all that money would be left to a single animal, why not ensure they were well looked after and then give the rest of the money to an animal charity and save more animals? It doesn’t make sense to me, but then the other half live in a different way, and their view of reality can become skewed. If their only love and friend in life was the dog, then they will project their feelings towards the animal and elevate it’s status. Imagine being one of the lucky recipients from the phonebook in Lisbon, you’d be jumping for joy for weeks!

Do you remember that daytime programme, heir hunters? They followed companies whose job it was to track down beneficiaries of wills, then they took a percentage. It was fascinating to see the obscure relatives of a lone person who had no idea they were the only surviving family member of the deceased and were due to receive a payout. It was quite sad if they couldn’t find anyone, but it was always interesting. I used to wish I was an undiscovered relative of someone with a large fortune. Then I grew up.

Have you written a will yet? Was it an easy process? Did you write it yourself or did you hire a legal firm?


Disclosure: this is a collaborative post, all opinions are my own

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