15 Cheap and Easy Garden Hacks You Must Try This Summer

15 Cheap and Easy Garden Hacks You Must Try This Summer

Summer’s promising to appear over the horizon, and there’s fun and games to be had outside for the family. You could go mad with big outdoor toys and games, but sometimes we run out of ideas (and cash) and this is where these fun DIYs and garden hacks can come in handy.

So, here are 15 cheap and easy Garden Hacks you can try this summer.

1: Cover those springs of the trampoline with some sliced swimming pool noodles as an extra safety precaution.

2: Start saving those pinecones for your bedding plants. This keeps the cats out of the plants and maintains the natural beauty of your backyard garden. Kids love collecting them and it’s always handy to have a big tub of them somewhere for craft projects.


3: Create a trellis of any shape you want in the backyard. You will need glue and other stuff like the buttons or twine that will be holding them. Make sure that you prune the plants from time to time to maintain their natural and beautiful shape. Try turning an old crib into a baby gate and trellis.

4: If the grass is getting a bit long, before you mow it completely, mow a crazy pathway in the lawn for them to run round in. If you’re feeling particularly creative, mow in a maze or a road map for toy cars.

5: Start painting those pallets and old bits of wood, and use them as your outdoor coffee table or a flower box. Use a high quality outdoor paint so that it lasts when it rains.

6: Use an old bit of chipboard and paint with some blackboard paint, then you have outdoor creativity and less mess in the house!

7: Got some cement tiles in the backyard? It is time to make your outdoor patio appear more glamorous. Buy latex floor paint of different colors and color the cement tiles the way you want. If that’s too much, get some chunky outdoor chalk and let the kids doodle away.

8: How about above ground pools? They are always a great and fun idea to try in your garden. You can read some of the best above ground pools reviews at Above Ground Pool Central and get one for your kids and have some splashy fun. You can play volleyball or finding the coin in the pool, or simply cool down on a hot summer’s day.

9: Grab that old chandelier or light fitting that you think is of no use and use it as a bird feeder. Empty up its compartments, fill them with different types of bird feeders and hang it using a ‘chain’ in your garden. Make sure it is properly tightened so that it can handle the weight of the birds sitting on it or the wind.


10: If there is a stone path in your backyard, grab some pebbles, and spray them with a glow-in-dark paint to make them glow. Now spread them in between the areas of the stone path. This will light them up beautifully at night. You can also use the paint on flower pots.

11: Make treated pine cones for a colorful fire in the fire pit. This can require some technical-grade chemicals for the magic to work and create a multi-color flame, or just some salt. Find the full instructions here.

12: Use your forgotten tent, take some pillows, quilts and sleeping bags, open up the front and put the TV facing the garden, or a projector if you have it – outdoor movie time! Do it in the dark and your kids will see you as a hero. Throw in a BBQ and some popcorn and you’re a God.


13: A bucket table idea can be great. It provides you ample storage space for different things that you don’t want to leave in the rain. This can be a citronella candle, torch, etc.

14: Make a tiny fairy garden with some trimmings from your main plants, moss and pebbles. You can use an existing pot, just scatter a few tiny accessories at the front and a fairy with a door. If you have any trees, a little wooden door creates mystery and encourages imaginative play.


15: Make cement stepping stones from large leaves. Make the cement mixture, grab a large leaf, place it over the mixture, clear the edges of the mixture and allow it to dry. Click here for the full tutorial.

Have you got any garden hacks to add to this list?

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  1. September 10, 2017 / 2:42 pm

    My family has many members and it’s hard to me to have sometime alone and try to focus on my work. A bucket table sounds great for me. I have been so neglected when it comes to taking care of my garden these days. I must clean it up and build a hidden place for myself!

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