What to Put in a Get-Well Hamper?

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Are you looking for ways to cheer up someone who’s not feeling well these days? Every illness of a loved one, however grave or not, affects the near and dear ones. When someone close to your heart suffers from poor health, you’d want to make them feel better. One of the best options to let them know how much you care is a get-well hamper.

You could always choose to send them flowers, of course. But gifting a nicely assembled get-well hamper conveys your warm thoughts so much better. Besides medical care, the love and warmth of a friend help anyone recover much faster.

Wondering what should go into your get-well hamper to make it a perfect gift for the occasion? Let’s take a look at some lovely ideas.

Pick a plant: A healthy blooming plant is a must for your get-well hamper. It carries the best wishes from a caring soul straight to the ailing. The shiny leaves and pretty blossoms will delight a person feeling under the weather instantly. Choose a seasonal plant in a ceramic pot and get extra brownie points for thoughtfulness!

Gift of comfort: Add a touch of warmth with your good wishes with a gift hamper that has products like handmade soaps, luxurious creams, or hand wash, perfectly rounded with off with some scented candles. The mellow aroma from each of these will brighten the mood of anyone recuperating from poor health.

Boost the spirit: You might wish to lift the spirits of a loved one feeling down from sickness. So, go ahead and place a nice combination of gin and tonic in your gift basket. You should, of course, know for sure if it’s safe for the person to consume alcohol before gifting such a hamper. 

Chocolatey bonus: Nothing brings a smile faster than a box of chocolates. Old or young, boy or girl – everyone loves a treat when the world seems bleak. It’s time to load up the get-well hamper with some nice candy treats or a box of luxury chocolates, if you’re feeling up for it. The sweets will surely make your hamper the choicest deal ever. 

Or, keep it simple: Feeling confused over all these elements in the hamper? Not sure if they’d be quite appreciated or not at the receiving end? Skip the hurdle. Go for a simple and sincere gift of a bright flowering orchid. For example, consider sending a Phalaenopsis orchid in bloom. The golden brilliance of the exquisite flowers will convey your heartfelt warmth to the recipient.

Want to send a get-well gift to someone in Sydney? Thankfully, sending them your best wishes through a nicely organised gift hamper is not difficult at all. 

Check out the bespoke get-well hampers by Pearsons in Sydney for the most appealing combination of gift items wrapped lovingly. Take advantage of our express delivery services so that your loved ones may enjoy your hamper soon!

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November 27, 2019
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