How to Be a Stay at Home Mum and Study at the Same Time

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Stay-At-Home-Mum or SAHM is a concept with a growing fan-base among today’s women. It’s a lot more than being just a homemaker, and the outlines are evolving daily. You’re bringing up kids ranging from newborns to teenagers while managing the entire household. Throw studies in the mix – and it’s point-blank scary, right? 

The fact is, it doesn’t have to be. Let’s help you out with the following tips on balancing your life as SAHM and yet, study successfully.

Be and stay organised

Before you enrol for any courses, online or not, start organising your home and lifestyle. Wake up one hour earlier. Choose a dedicated space for studying, free from kids, and household distractions. Don’t procrastinate on chores and let them pile up.

Make a schedule and stick to it

With the power of the internet, you can access your course material anytime, anywhere, right? But don’t misuse that power. 

Make a calendar for important dates like birthdays, doctor appointments, dates to submit assignments etc. Keep it visible to all family members and share the load with other responsible adults in your circle. Stick to your deadlines and goals as much possible. Also, set smaller goals for yourself and your studies frequently and push to meet them for extra motivation.

Set boundaries

Being a SAHM, it’s easy to lose your focus with a multitude of distractions. So, it’s crucial to lay down some ground rules for your family about when or how not to bother you. Chalk out some tasks or entertainment plans for your kids aligning with your study time. Keep them engaged without your constant attention. 

Relax and indulge a bit

The combined effect of studies and being a SAHM can wear you out pretty quickly. Relax and take a break. Enjoy your beauty appointments, meet up with friends, go for a walk or run (check it out here) and celebrate small successes. Just reward yourself every short while.

Get help

Even super-mums need help at times. Ask your family members or other reliable parents in your kids’ groups for help in some routine activities like pick up and drop them from a certain shared class etc. Getting a part-time babysitter may be very helpful in stressful times, like preparation for your exams.

You can do it!

There are several options for online studies for SAHMs these days. You get to utilise your professional break by up-skilling or learn something entirely new for a fresh start. Plus, when you succeed to do it without compromising on the family front, it can feel even more rewarding.

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November 27, 2019
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