Great Tech Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

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With Father’s Day right around the corner, now’s the time to start thinking about awesome gift ideas. It can be difficult knowing what to buy for this annual celebration, especially if you’ve exhausted the traditional aftershave and mug gift ideas! However, there’s one type of gift you really can’t go wrong with year upon year and that’s tech gifts.

Technology related Father’s Day gifts are highly recommended. Not only is there new tech to invest in each year, but it’s something you can guarantee he’s going to love! To give you a little inspiration, here you’ll discover some great tech gift ideas for Father’s Day 2018.

A Pocket-Sized GPS

Although GPS may not be new, the pocket-sized versions are definitely unique! The Garmin Approach G8 has been dubbed one of the best Father’s Day gifts of 2018 and it isn’t hard to see why.

Not only are these pocket-sized GPS’s useful to carry around, but they’re also waterproof, feature a useful touch screen and cover a remarkable amount of destinations. So, if he likes or needs to travel a lot, a pocket-sized GPS could be just what he needs!

Top of the range headphones

If you’re buying for a music loving dad, why not invest in top of the range headphones? Technology has really progressed in the audio world and the headphones you can buy these days are awesome. Just check out the Beats headphones you can purchase at places such as HMV. They benefit from an exceptional noise cancelling feature and guarantee incredible sound.

Not only is this a great gift for music loving dads, but it’s also a great gift for you and the family too. If you’re tired of hearing his odd music taste, these headphones will ensure he still gets to enjoy his music as loud as he wants, without subjecting the rest of the family to it!

Amazon Echo

Since the launch of the Amazon Alexa and Echo products, many companies have tried to cash in on the trend. However, none have managed to knock the Amazon Echo off the top spot! If your dad hasn’t got one, then this could be the perfect Father’s Day gift idea. If he does have one, the Echo Dot would be an excellent add-on gift and it’s one of the few tech ideas which is actually affordable.


Drones have become a really popular man toy that seem to appeal to all ages. There’s a huge selection of drones available so you should be able to find something to match your budget. He’s sure to love getting outdoors and testing out his new drone so if you’re looking for a gift that’s guaranteed to impress, this is definitely it!

These are just some of the best tech gifts you can purchase for Father’s Day 2018. When choosing the best gift, think about what he really enjoys and is most likely to use.

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June 13, 2018
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