Why you Should Take Your Family on Their First Cruise Holiday

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Cruise holidays are nothing short of brilliant. While some might thing of it as an overpriced exploration of endless ocean, they couldn’t be further from the truth. They offer fun, relaxation and adventure, three things that shouldn’t work well together but somehow, through the magic of the cruise holiday, do. I was fortunate enough to go on a cruise (for a day) which opened my eyes to family cruising, which you can read about here.

Consequently, here’s three quick fire reasons as to why your family should embark on their first cruise holiday.

For Every Demographic

If you take up a holiday in Bournemouth, chances are the kids might find it somewhat boring after a while. Granted, there are some stunning beaches, but the towns, villages and promenades only have so many attractions that can really appeal to the youth. On the other side of the coin, older generations may not want to indulge in rigorous adventure holidays.

However, a balance can be found with a cruise holiday. On board features can include a kid’s play area below decks while also providing reclining sun loungers out in the open air for tired parents. Everyone gets a slice of the fun in the family, meaning that few compromises must be made and no one has to be dragged kicking and screaming into each other’s activities. Your children’s fun can be safely monitored by on board staff, and you can get that relaxation you rightly deserve!

Family Events

Of course, not everyone wants to branch out from their families all day every day. While the kids or grandparents can be irritating, at the end of the day you’re taking the holiday to spend more time with them. It’s important that on every family holiday, there is a strong sense of unity. Consequently, activities and events that the whole family can get behind and enjoy are a must.

Cruise’s provide a diverse range of family fun, ensuring that there no complaints to be had. They can host singers and theatrical shows, providing a wealth of entertainment to get sucked into as you cruise across the seas. Whether it’s a comedy club or an exciting jazz show, there will be something on board that the whole gang can enjoy together. A good time is top of the priority list, helping you all bond through the action.

Multiple Stops

No matter how good the holiday, the fact is you’re relatively stuck. You can drive around and see what your vacation destination has to offer, but in the end, you’ll be experiencing the same architecture, culture, and climate as you did when you arrived. Furthermore, most people feel ready to leave their holiday by the end of the first or second week, but in the case of the cruise holiday, you’ll never want to leave at all.

For example, P&O Cruises can tour around locations such as Barcelona, Monte Carlo and Rome, keeping your experiences diverse and fresh day by day. Even while you sleep you edge ever closer to another exotic locale, meaning your voyage never truly stops. In the end, you can be said to not just be booking a single holiday, but a series of impressive tours that make you feel like you are seeing the world instead of just one part of it.


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