Halloween Costume – how to be creative and cost effective!

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Guest post by Emma Carney

Halloween season is here and for those of us creative types, it is also another excuse for a project or activity you can do with the family. Get in. In this instance, it’s making amazing Halloween costumes. Now, making Halloween costumes doesn’t have to be a huge project or break the bank as with a little know how and imagination you can really make something from very little – I mean, haven’t we all improved with some face paint and a bin bag last minute at least once in our lives? 

Halloween costume Inspiration, ahoy! 

If you or the children have an idea in mind – fabulous, as it makes it much easier to plan ahead but if you are undecided there are always the traditional staples which done well, can look amazing:

  • Witch or wizard – a hat, a broom, a hex and you’re half-way there!
  • Cat or another animal –  some ears, some whiskers, a tail and et voila! 
  • Vampire – a cape, some white make-up and some fake blood, scary
  • Ghouls and Zombies – A little facepaint and some battered old clothes – and your a fabulously freaky zombie army! 
  • Mad Scientist – a stained white lab coat, some crazy hair and props and you could be literally look like you’ve just walked out of an lab explosion or created a monsters
  • Famous Horror Monsters…Frankenstein, Freddie Kruger…you get the drift. 
  • Pop culture creepy – zombie ginger spice? 
  • History ahoy! – creepy victorian child, anyone? un-dead zombie flapper? Agrh! 

Many of these items can be brought in store but where is the fun in that? If you really want a project then you can just as easily take an idea and make some magic happen…

If you are still looking for inspiration or just curious to find out what was the top Halloween costume the year you or the children were born then I recommended that you check out the giffgaff retro Halloween Costume generator. I did and mine came up as Ghostbusters, whoo hoo! A boiler suit, an enhanced backpack and some tin foil surrounded tubing and I am all set! Pinterest can also offer some Halloween look options as well, and of course you can look to modern day horror stories and find some inspiration. Of course, when in doubt ask Twitter or Instrgram as there are some amazing ideas trending on hashtags such as #halloweencostume and #halloweensinpiration

A glue gun, glitter and a dream. 

If you want to go all out than you can buy many items from new and just add a few little extras to it. 

But many of us enjoy the process especially if we are doing it as a family and want to spend a bit of time making something magic and whilst it can be easy to purchase some of these things it can be just as easy, and cheaper to make them. For example,  above with the zombie flapper, that was literally a reused bridesmaids dress and some old hair ornaments. Make use and mend as they say! 

Or how about these amazing musical cats below – some clever use of makeup and wigs and you have a very strong look. 

 My Jessie from Pokemon Team Rocket look was very simple to create, all I needed to do was paint an R on a white shirt and everything else I fortunately had a home. If you have a big group of children to cater for, why not go the Team Rocket en masse look and use their black t shirt and black hat outfits – simple and fun for the entire group as it makes great photo ops – it’s all for the gram, darling! 

Now, I am not saying that all  homemade costumes have to be simple, I mean with a bit of planning and time on your side you can go a long way – Chewbacca, anyone? 

Epic, I know! 

Finishing the look: 

To finish off your costume, stage cosmetics as well as standard make-up can be the cherry on the spooky top. You can buy face painting kits and make up from most stores and supermarkets around this time. 

Tip: If you want to stick to a very tight budget use old cosmetics that you may have at home or go to reduced bins in shops or any £1 or less store, which usually have lots of kits available at this time. 

The Zombie flapper look was created with one old tube of fake blood, and a lot of eyeshadow from a pallet I never used. Not bad, huh? Children will also love getting to do their own creepy make-up and Halloween is  a great time to encourage their cretaivity. 

Hopefully we have managed to get your creative juices flowing. If so,  what are you going as this year? Have we managed to inspire you? If so make sure to share with us below any tips of tricks! 

Happy Halloween! 

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October 24, 2019
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