The Harmony necklace to communicate with your baby during pregnancy

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collaborative post with Le Petit Bola

As a pregnant woman, you will  have to change so many things in your life. First, you will have to change your clothes, may be your shoes too, then you will probably change your food – eating more vegetables, drinking no more alcohol and avoiding certain foods. For all these things, you do not really have a choice. Therefore why not try changing something just for your own pleasure? Have you ever thought of choosing a special jewel for this precious time of your life? This could be a lovely way to pass something to your unborn child to be kept as a memory of your time together before their birth. Imagine a pregnancy necklace that you’ll give to them, which they can give to their own child and so on. What an extraordinary story to tell.

More than a pendant, choose a harmony ball

Set apart from other jewellery, a harmony ball is a meaningful pregnancy necklace. Coming from Indonesia, the harmony ball necklaces are said to protect the Mum to be and the baby by keeping the dark spirits away. No matter whether you believe it or not, you will probably fall in love with its design: this special Mother necklace contains a small ring that creates a soft sound that your baby will learn to recognise in utero. From the 4th month of your pregnancy, when they are able to hear it, till their birth, anytime you will move, the harmony necklace will produce this reassuring noise. Then, you could sew it in your baby’s blankie after their birth so that the soft sound they are used to continues to rock them and calm them down.

Classic, trendy, silver, copper clad: each Harmony necklace is customised.

As they believe that each pregnancy is unique, Le Petit Bola propose a large range of angel necklaces. You might choose one with a chain, or with a liberty ribbon.

the point is to have it perfectly adjusted so that it underlines your baby bump. You can associate a semi-precious stone, or a lovely cotton pompom to it, whatever you prefer.

 They also have models in silver, or copper clad that you might love.

At this point, the choice is so hard that you want to choose more than one harmony ball? What about your good friend, or your sister, if they are pregnant too: it is actually the perfect baby shower gift. It’s original, valuable, and on trend.

More about the Le Petit Bola pregnancy necklaces studio

When they first discovered the birthstone necklace, they had a crush. They clearly love jewellery, but they love it more when it means something, when a story comes with it. This is why they decided to start their own studio in the south of France, designing and creating their models. For some of them, you even have the opportunity to customise a medal with your initials, or perhaps sibling initials?

More than anything else, I love the idea that the harmony ball participates to create a special bond with your baby before their birth. I would love to have worn one during my pregnancies.

What do you think?

Pregnancy jewellery is known as a Harmony necklace, it communicates a small sound to your baby in the womb and can be used as a soother once they are born. #pregnancy #necklace #harmony

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  • Reply Kylie

    Its a great experience. So keep enjoying & capture your baby story moments.

    February 11, 2019 at 2:28 pm
  • Reply Nicola | Mummy to Dex

    I wish I’d heard of this when I was pregnant with Felix. I found it quite difficult to bond with him while I was carrying him because I was so busy with a toddler, working full time and in a lot of pain with my pelvis/migraines so something like this would have felt really special and perhaps helped strengthen that bond.

    February 20, 2019 at 8:39 pm
  • Reply Md Tariqul islam

    This post really too helpful for me to do blog commenting. Thank you for sharing.

    May 20, 2019 at 4:16 am
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