Valentine’s craft with Love hearts

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Celebrating Valentine’s day with the children is something fairly new, although I do remember being as young as 8 or so and making cards for boys at school and I always made one for my Dad. In the last 5 or so years I have told my husband not to get me a card as it only ends up in the recycling bin (romance is dead). I don’t want a last minute card. This year I said I wanted a heartfelt note, well let’s see! We end up doing a dine in for two meal deal, attempt to get the kids in bed early and go from there.

Love hearts sweets have been around at least as long as I remember and were a firm favourite as a child. My children have followed suit and they love the love hearts. They have had a makeover of late and now include the growing language of emojis. We got a hamper of sweeties and some inspiration to get crafty by decorating the tins full of love hearts.

The sweetie tins make a good gift for a loved one, I imagine they’ll be popular with teens and tweens. For me, the sweets are good any time of year – I swiped the love hearts dips and hid them before the kids even saw them, they’re mine! We got a candy grabber for Christmas and I put a load of the love hearts in there, they are proving enough of a challenge for the kids.

They had a go at customising their tins with the metallic pens we got in the hamper, they loved personalising each tin, it meant no one could claim each other’s sweets!

Will you be doing any crafts for Valentine’s day? If you love love hearts and get some, why not #sharethelove on social media?

Sharing is caring!

February 4, 2019
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