Should You Hire a Nanny?

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They say it takes a village to raise a child. Some may argue that the more appropriate phrase should be “a small city”. Nonetheless, so many parents have their hands full raising children, it can be a full-time job on top of everything else that’s going on!

That’s why so many more families are opting to hire a nanny for their household. Nannies can play a variety of roles, from a live-in nanny, someone to just pick the kids up from school or someone who does a little bit of everything.

The decision to hire a nanny is a big one for most families because it’s almost like adding on a person to your family. The nanny is going to play a significant role in your child’s life. Many families debate over whether or not one is needed and what the benefits of having a nanny are. No matter where you are on the thinking process, check out the suggestions below.

Do you need a nanny?

This question, while it may be a simple yes or no at first, can be one that has some families going in circles. Sure, it would be nice to have a nanny to help out with cleaning or taking care of the newborn if you’re working at home.

But really, do you need one?

There is nothing wrong with answering “yes” to that question. It could be that you and your partner’s work schedules don’t overlap well and there’s no one to take care of the child in the morning. Grandparents may not be able to come over at a moment’s notice and it just makes sense to have one.

Or, you’re looking for someone to take care of your children in the summer while no one is at home. Just to be able to take them to the pool, play outside with them and make sure they’re finishing their summer reading.

So really sit down and think about whether or not you are going to need one before taking the plunge!

What do you want from a nanny?

Broadly speaking, there are two main types of nannies: live-in and live-out. They are exactly as their name describes them. The live-in nanny will be there full-time, living in your house. The live-out nanny won’t be living at home but will come work at whatever the specified time is.

It’s also important to think about the details and responsibilities of the nanny. You want to lay out exactly what you need but not overwhelm the person with work. You don’t want to have the nanny come in with the expectation that they’ll be watching your child after school until you get home only to have it morph into cleaning the house, making dinner a few times a week or other chores.

Think about exactly what you want your nanny to do. The worst thing would be to have a nanny quit on you halfway through the year and leave you high and dry.

Are you looking for something specific?

When looking for a nanny, you’ll want to find someone that bonds with your children and their likes. If you have a very outdoorsy child, find a nanny that enjoys the outdoors and can encourage your child in their strengths and general interests.

Or, are you looking for something extra for your nanny? Many families find a nanny from overseas to expose the child to a different language or culture from a young age. Would this be a goal of your family?

Maybe the nanny knows how to play the piano and can teach your child, would that be of any interest to you?

While the perfect nanny isn’t going to ascend from the heavens tomorrow, you can start having an idea in your head of what you’ll be looking for.

Is a nanny in your budget?

Last but not least, we arrive at the nitty-gritty, not-so-fun details. If you’ve decided that a nanny is a definite yes for your family, is a nanny in your budget?

Much like finding out exactly what you want from your nanny, you’ll want to see what you can pay a nanny or what salary is to be expected. Oh, and don’t forget, hiring a nanny may also carry some tax implications.

Try to do some research with agencies or on your own for what you should be paying your nanny. Don’t forget to make a contract as well, it makes life easier for both parties.

Whatever you decide to do, know that having a nanny can carry some great benefits for you and your family. Think about the decision and if you believe you’re ready, go for it!


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April 29, 2019
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