6 Tips for Money Savvy Mums to Manage their Expenses Wisely

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Being a mother is a responsibility like no other task. It is about procuring every finer thing of life without letting the screw off. It means fulfilling every wish of their family while making sure those wishes do not make things complicated. This is all about management, and mother is a designation which apparently requires no qualification and yet is the most tricky job one could imagine. Amidst all those routine expenses and household requirements, a mother must also have the ability to save some money for the future. It is about balancing everything out to keep the family happy and contented.

It is often a problem for many first time mothers as they find themselves in a dilemma on what they should and what they shouldn’t. They have to fulfil the wish of their child and buy them their favourite toy and still manage to compensate for it in one way or the other. Many times, mothers tend to turn strict and deny everything that they can to procure monthly savings which isn’t the right approach. Yes, savings are important but that shall not come at a price of happiness of the family. So what is the way that a money-savvy mum could adopt? Well, here are a few tips to begin with;

Make a Family Budget

The first and foremost task which starts the process of savings from the base is your monthly budget for household needs. The budget shall be prepared with the utmost care and detailed attention to every penny spent on the household. The budget must be prepared by drawing a fine line between what is essential and what is additional and it should follow the most complicit approach for the better. The planning of budget gives an overview of the expenses that are needed to be done for the household essentials while sorting out those you could have easily avoided. It shall not just be limited to shopping but include daily lifestyle as well because of it often hard to separate the necessity from leisure in day to day life as we are very much habitual to it.

Practice Controlled Casual Outing Habits

One of the most common expenditures that costs a chunk of money and yet goes unnoticed, comes when we become used to eating outside. The food that we eat outside is not only unhealthy but also takes a good volume from our pockets. Being budget conscious, one must take control of casual outings habits wherein you go out for eating more than you are ought to go. In fact, follow the simple mantra of “the lesser, the better”. The habit of eating outside generally prevails in children as they are not much keener to explore new aromas and taste. This can be easily controlled by making lunch boxes when going out and ensure that they develop the habit to finish it first rather than consuming outside food from the vendors.  It could not only reduce some expenses but also evolve a healthier and hygienic diet habit in kids.

Plan Your Food and Grocery Purchases

The shopping can be a messy task when you don’t have anything on your mind about your requirements. Therefore, it is much better to plan your food, groceries and other eatables needed every month. This is only possible if you actually devise a plan for the meals before you make the list of groceries to buy from the market. Without any such knowledge, wastage of money on irrelevant products is often inevitable. There are many factors to distract our minds such as sale where we tend to purchase more than what we needed or even things that we never needed with the idea of saving more money, but at the end of the day, we are spending it unnecessarily and that expense no matter how much you may have saved, should never have been a part of your expenditure.

Leisure Can be Cheaper

There are a number of things that families do for leisure and some of them are really very expensive. For instance, watching a movie in the cinema halls is a costly affair and it could be avoided. Now if you are thinking that it is against entertainment, then let it be very clear, there are many things as much enjoyable that you can do without having to spend a load of money. To enjoy the fun moments without much expenditure, you can plan to go out for community picnics or for open theatre shows or other such entertaining events which happen every other week if you actually cared enough to find them now. So fun can be cheap if you want to keep it so.

Don’t Miss the Coupons and Vouchers

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You can find discounted offers and promo codes that can save you big chunks of money on shopping. This is as easy as it could get and just by utilizing the Internet makes it very convenient for comparison wherein you can find the best deals on everything you need for your home. There are many legitimate coupon feed websites such as CollectOffers where you could find verified coupons and voucher codes for online shopping deals.

Shop Smarter, Get Sustainable

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Saving money is not just limited to planning of what you ought to buy but it shall be evenly emphasised where you are going to shop those things from. The new age shoppers should not avoid online shopping and explore as many possible money-saving offers and sales for leverage. There are smart shopping websites especially dedicated to mothers for their childcare products which provide exclusive discounts. Moreover, you also have the smarter option to utilise additional offers available on these stores with the help of promotional offers such as these Mothercare Discount. One more thing which shall be emphasise while shopping is to go for the more sustainable and eco-friendly options. Such products are more durable and healthy which make them last longer than usual products and ensure you don’t have to worry about medical and healthcare expenses.


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April 26, 2019
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