How to Find the Perfect Baby Shower Gift

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Baby showers can be calming, fun and uplifting events. And for the honoured person, it could provide a much-needed mood boost.

Usually taking place during the last trimester of pregnancy, this type of celebration is designed help the expectant mummy to feel hugely special.

Its focus on relaxation and comfort often means that they are easy to arrange. Deciding on which kind of gift to bring, however, can be tricky.

But if this applies to you, fear not. It’s your duty to find the perfect present, and it’s ours to help you make the right choice.


Whether the pregnant lady is your friend, girlfriend, sister or daughter, they’ll need all the help they can get with getting ready for this life-changing event. That’s why practicality can be important for selecting the right gift.

Instead of turning to Google, why not ask the future parents about what could help them feel better prepared for the big arrival? Surprises can be fun, but they may appreciate a present that helps them with sleepless nights and nappy changes more.

Helpful services like parcel tracking mean that gift recipients can locate their item throughout its journey, making sure it arrives in time for the birth.

A subscription to a meal preparation box, grocery vouchers, a nappy cake, a box of baby wipes, an ironing service, a cleaner for 6 months are all very good practical gifts.


A little indulgence never hurt anyone. With this in mind, why not treat the future mum to a spot of pampering?

Booking a nail artist, arranging a massage, or even just packaging up some bath goodies could provide her with some much-needed self-care. There are also plenty of ideas to share at the shower that will make her feel both fabulous and comfortable for the rest of the pregnancy.

An afternoon where the two of you nurse a hot chocolate and browse online shops for maternity ideas, from the comfort of your snug sofa could even make for the most perfect gift. Whatever you decide to do, use the upcoming event to get creative with some wonderfully cosy gift ideas.  Pinterest is a good place to start!

Going the Extra Mile

Doing that bit more for the celebrated figure needn’t be a challenge. In fact, additional touches can be anything from a box of her favourite biscuits to a scented candle. Whatever you choose, a little extra treat may remind her that she can still retain her identity even when becoming a mother. When it comes to gifts, the smallest gestures can often have the largest impact.

If you’re looking for luxury, what about personalised jewellery, a really lovely photo album or frame, clothing vouchers so she can re-stock her wardrobe after the baby arrives.

Items that help to ease the transition into parenthood can be incredibly valuable to expectant parents. A baby shower can be the ideal way to share presents as well as ideas on how to enjoy pregnancy and having a child. With our guide, you can identify the right gift to aid them in this life-changing, and hugely rewarding, journey.

Are you hosting a baby shower for your friend or relative? Here's how to find the perfect baby shower gift!
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January 15, 2019
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