Clever Storage Tips for Busy Family Homes

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Is your home filled with clutter? Do you find you spend most of your time trying to find somewhere to stash everything?

If your busy house is looking a bit chaotic after Christmas or you’ve been meaning to reassess the mess for a while, now is a great time to introduce some storage solutions. Here is a roundup of some ways to store things without compromising on style.


Whether you have a large area or a compact space, having a kitchen that is carefully thought-out can make such a difference when preparing breakfast during the morning rush or while prepping the evening meal. If you want to get organised, there are plenty of clever ways to keep your tins tidy and your crockery in check.

Floating shelves can help you to maximise the space and give you the opportunity to store plates, cutlery or your cookery books somewhere practical and within easy reach. In addition, adding some hooks or a rack can give you the opportunity to hang your mugs and plates up on the wall out of the way, keeping cupboards clear for food. 


You all probably spend most of your time together in the living room, so it makes sense that this is the space where there is a lot of clutter. As this is such a busy space, it’s worth thinking carefully about your current lounge layout before investing in storage solutions as it’s important to make sure the centre of the room is as clear as possible.

Once you know where things can go, you’ll find your lounge lends itself to an array of storage options. Bookcases in particular are perfect as you can display everything from books and plants to vases and photos. Invest in one that has drawers or cupboards as well as shelves, like the range from The Cotswold Company, to keep things like throws and spare cushions safe.


Bedrooms can quickly become a dumping ground, especially the spare room. Start with your room before moving onto the kids’ bedroom and leave the spare one until last. By doing this, you’ll have a range of storage solutions ready before you tackle the spare room.

To tidy up, invest in boxes and baskets. A wicker basket placed in the corner of your room is ideal for storing the spare pillows or blankets and perfectly complements most colour schemes.

For the children’s bedroom, stackable drawers make the perfect toy boxes. Each drawer can be dedicated to a different toy or crafty item. In the spare room, you can introduce a selection of solutions, from ladder shelving where you can keep some of your books to seating that doubles as a storage box for laundry.

Do you have any clever ideas in mind to star the new year as you mean to go on? What will you be investing in to keep your home clutter-free?

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January 18, 2019
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  • Reply Sheri

    True, kitchen and bedrooms become dump yards if unattended them frequently. Moreover, if we have kids then only god can save us. Yeah, a wicker box is good solution too.

    January 31, 2019 at 5:37 pm
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