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We’re all so much more conscious of the provenance of our merchandise these days, but I have to admit I haven’t thought before about where my jewellery comes from. The history behind diamond and gem mining is fascinating. According to the people at Ingle & Rhode, who only produce diamonds and gems from conflict-free sources that are mined, cut and polished by adults working with fair pay and conditions, and produced with due care for the environment have this to say;

During the 1990s and the first decade of this century, hundreds of thousands of people were killed in wars fuelled by diamonds, across Angola, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Liberia and Sierra Leone. Even today, blood diamonds from the Cote d’Ivoire, eastern DRC, and Zimbabwe continue to enter the market. Furthermore, many diamonds, even conflict-free diamonds, are cut and polished in sweatshop conditions, often by children, for wages that are inadequate for even the most basic standard of living.

Ingle & Rhode make their guarantee because they can trace all of their diamonds and gemstones back to their mine of origin. It makes their pieces just that little bit more special. I have been privileged enough to receive a pair of sterling silver earrings from them to review.

I chose the Lotus flower earrings, because I have always associated the Lotus flower with calm and the essence of womanhood. The Lotus flower closes at night and re-opens with the morning sunlight, so it has long since been associated with re-birth. The petals of the lotus flower have been likened to the lips of the vulva and the opening that happens during childbirth itself. I’ve birthed enough children and gone through several personal re-births so it has particular meaning for me. The earrings are set with stunning brilliant cut Canadian diamonds about 12mm in diameter and supplied with sterling silver scroll backs. The earrings are then crafted in the UK from Fairmined sterling silver. I also loved the hummingbird necklace.

When the jewellery arrived, it came boxed, and then inside was the elegant gift bag, white with purple writing and ribbon. Inside the bag was the little black box, and nestled in velvet were the earrings. It all felt very luxury and high end. These particular earrings cost £295 including VAT. I wore them for a couple of days straight with no problems, they were comfortable and I had lots of nice comments from people who noticed.

Ingle & Rhode also have the most incredible collection of engagement rings and wedding rings, of course all ethically sourced and produced. You can take a look at their ready to order collection or get a bespoke piece of jewellery made just for you. They do diamond and other gemstones like sapphire or emeralds in solitaire, trilogy or vintage ring options. So if you have a special occasion coming up, or if you want to make a big hint for your partner, then send them the link to this post or the Ingle & Rhode website with your chosen piece bookmarked!

Disclosure – I was sent the earrings in exchange for this post. All opinions my own, price correct at time of print.

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