Is travelling to India with children worth it?

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Going to India with or without the children is definitely on my travel wish list, my parents have been to India on an organised tour with the travel company Jules Verne in the last five years and had a wonderful time. I loved seeing their photos and hearing about their travels and the cultural differences.

With kids though? I’ve no doubt the culture, sights and sounds would be amazing for them, but the unreliable travel arrangements, food poisoning risks and safety fears would worry me. I’ve asked in my online community for those that have travelled with their children to India and south east Asia for their experiences, good and bad and their advice. This is what they said:

Family blogger Our Seaside baby has been twice with her little boy when he was 3 and 5. Apart from a case of Delhi Belly which laid him up for a day, the experience was very positive, and they have family in India. Read more of their adventures here.

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Nicola from The Merralls Home says,

The adults all got food poisoning but the children ate pizzas, chips etc and were completely fine. The vegetarians in the group were also fine, so we think this was down to consuming meat. One of the children in the group was a little cute ginger haired girl who was 18 months old, she got a lot of attention from the locals, who wanted pictures with her or of her. Everyone was so lovely towards her, she ended up being a little celebrity! There was lots of local shops and supermarkets, that had nappies, snacks and baby food, so we had no difficulty in getting things that we needed. There were cheap local shops to buy clothing and toys to keep them occupied and we went on a trip so she could feed some monkeys which she loved. Due to Goa being a tourist hot spot, I felt it gives a good taste of India with everything you need for children on your doorstep. I think if I was going to go elsewhere in India, personally I’d wait until they’re a little older. India is a place I would like to take my own children in the future (once we’ve finished renovating the house!)

We took our daughter to India two times one when she was just a year old and next when she was 3 and half years old. She loved it as she can see so many people around her. We visited golden temple in Amritsar, travelled on train to Lucknow. She still remembers her first train journey. It’s nothing good or bad experiences. It’s all different experiences of life. Travelling in auto rickshaw, local trains, travel by road, playing with local kids neighbours, local food. All was a lovely experience for her and she still remembers

We lived in Bangalore, India, for a year. Our boys were 1 and 3 when we first moved out. Every day was an adventure, and even though it was chaotic and loud, we really miss it. We used tuk-tuks to travel around Bangalore and overnight sleeper trains took us to Hampi, Goa, Pondicherry, and Kochi for weekends. We also took the opportunity to visit neighbouring Sri Lanka and Nepal (where we hiked to Poon Hill – 3210m). Our boys never once got sick. We’ve also spent time in Thailand (Bangkok, Chanthaburi, Koh Chang and Koh Lanta).

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My kids are half Thai. So we have visited a few times. They had to go to a family funeral with their mum. They all refused to go unless we all went. (Lucky the ex and I get on) 

My advice (at the time 11, 10 and 7 year old). Embrace the culture, try the street food because it’s amazing. Try to interact with local families. There is nothing nicer than watching your kids swimming in the reservoir for the rice fields. Or picking fresh papaya or other fruits. Visit some temples. 

We had fab days with me and the kids on the back of pick up trucks driving around the countryside. 

Prepare for the long haul flights. Loads of things to keep them entertained and don’t dish it all out at once. 

With regard to the heat, my lot got used to it really quickly so we were fine. 

As a whole I have always found Thailand really safe, but the kids will be adored. My lot didn’t really like it, but the Thai people are obsessed with looks and think western kids are beautiful, so lots of skin stroking from the older generation and lots of compliments

As you can see some varied experiences and it has opened my eyes to travelling further afield as a family. If I have the opportunity, I certainly wouldn’t rule it out.

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January 21, 2019
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