The Importance of Imaginative Play: Mr Kipling Tea Set Review

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We’ve recently taken a delivery of a new toy: Mr Kipling’s tea set by Casdon toys. I wanted to do the review, because I believe that pretend play is so important in child development. And of course, we’re big fans of cake. So why is imaginative play so important?

Pretend play improves Thinking Skills

Pretend play gives your child problems to solve. Whether it’s sharing the roles between children or searching for just the right material to complete the shop, your child will call upon important cognitive thinking skills that they will use in every aspect of their lives.

Social & Emotional Skills

When the children engage in imaginative play, they are actively experimenting with the social and emotional roles of life. Through cooperative play, they learn how to take turns. When a child pretends to be different characters, they have the experience of “being in someone else’s shoes,” which helps teach them empathy. It’s normal for young children just to see the world from their own point of view, but through playing together and imaginative play, they will begin to understand the feelings of others. You will find their self-esteem soars when they discover they can be anything just by pretending!

Language Skills

If you listen in on their pretend games, you’ll often hear your own words and phrases repeated back at you! You may hear words they’ve never used before – the power of pretending. They love to impersonate their role models – Mum, Dad, Teacher, Shopkeeper. They also learn the power of storytelling and reenactment. Once they know how to read and write, they can make written lists and props to add another dimension. Mine love to play shopping, going to school, going to work, all the normal day to day things, plus going on holiday and more.

The Mr Kipling tea set encourages pretend play in many forms. They can have a pretend tea party, afternoon tea, make tea and cake for Mummy and Daddy, own a tea shop – just a few ideas (nabbed from the kids). The Mr Kipling cakes are a firm favourite and they look good enough to eat, with the traditional french fancies and battenburg. There’s a teapot, a milk jug and a sugar pot and lid, plates, cutlery, teacups and saucers.

Mine love filling the teapot with water so they can have real tea, although I’m not so thrilled as we end up with water everywhere. Another bonus to the set is it teaches shapes – the cakes all sit on their place on the cake stand, with an imprinted shape that corresponds to each cake, so you have to put the right cake on the right spot.

It comes with cutlery too, so they can pretend to eat it, and it shows them how we set out cutlery in our society. It’s plastic, but sturdy. Here’s the Amazon link below to take a look and buy one if you’re interested, click on the image or you can click here.


What’s your favourite imaginative play for the children?

Disclosure: we were gifted the tea set for this review.

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    An informative blog as always from, Jenny has an engaging writing style with a good touch of humour and good use of imagery in her work. This blog is recommended to bookmark for your next coffee break for sure. 🙂
    I will have to request we have imaginary play time at work as Mr Kipling’s tea set sounds rather good!!

    March 10, 2018 at 10:25 am
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