Daniel at 3: an update

Daniel at 3: an update

Well, Daniel turned 3 at the end of December so it’s a little late, but I wanted to write an update for myself (and you guys) on how he is at 3. If you follow my Instagram stories, you’ll see how cheeky and fun he is, and he loves to pose for the camera! He has started to do a lovely smile for the lens, and a head tilt like a little model.

That one was taken the morning after he refused to go to bed and was sat up with me watching Ru Paul’s drag race (season 8) until 10pm. Not the most child friendly viewing but I just wanted to watch something frothy. He looks so innocent and butter wouldn’t melt, hence the caption. If you’re reading this and you think raising kids is all cute moments and happy days it’s not – it’s often so frustrating and you don’t get 1 second to yourself, but it has plenty of Kodak moments that somehow make up for it.

Speech update

He’s talking in sentences and making much more sense now, he’s a lot clearer. I got him some new wellies and he put them on out of nursery, and immediately showed his friend saying, “Look what I got!” he was so proud. He still has his little Daniel-isms, like his Ts tend to be Ps, he says ‘Open ip,’ ‘plape’ (plate) and loads more, although he says chocolate with the T and ‘cup of tea’ absolutely fine. He says ‘Dinished’ whenever he’s finished dinner or anything, it’s been so cute and now we say it too, which probably is reaffirming it. I have no concerns about his speech development. He likes to give a running commentary on everything, he’s very loud. He says please and thank you.

Size update at 3

At one point I thought he was going to be smaller than average, considering he started out a dinky 5lb 7oz, he’s caught up pretty well now. He is a solid weight and height, and he wears age 3-4 clothes. He’s too big for the 2-3 clothes. He’s a lot heavier than he was that’s for sure. I wish I could tell you his exact weight and height but sadly we don’t get to a weigh in clinic anymore. He certainly wolfs down enough food.

Eating and drinking at 3

He can drink from a cup with no lid and (mostly) not spill it, he has no problem drinking from a straw or a plastic bottle. He drinks water, squash, milk and fruit juice. He always likes to have a drink to hand. He eats so much! He has a full bowl of porridge in the morning and then if we’re at home he often wants a yoghurt, crisps and more before lunch! Sometimes in the evening if dinner is late and he’s really tired, he won’t eat much and just goes to bed. He eats a varied diet, I swear he’s 50% yoghurt though the amount he eats. He likes fruit but he’s a little bit fussier on vegetables – he likes peas, sweetcorn and green beans. He can crunch and swallow carrots and apples. He eats what we eat or what the other kids are eating. His favourite meal is a roast dinner, especially the gravy, meat and potatoes. He’s so sterotypically masculine it’s unbelievable.

Mobility at 3

We ditched the buggy about a year ago so he’s well used to walking around now. He can jump, a little too much at times, spin and dance. He runs a lot and has no problem keeping up.

Personality and behaviour at 3

Daniel is hilarious, and such a character. Everyone comments on it when we’re at home or out and about. At home he’s often naked or half naked because he’s wet himself or his clothes have a dot of wet on them or something. Yesterday he got hold of our plastic fish slice utensil and we just saw it being poked through the door with him laughing, then he threw it in at us. He can be really random! Once he gets an idea in his head he likes to follow through with it, he’s very clever. He’s already got the hang of asking one parent, then if they say no, asking the other one, or one of his siblings. He will also try and find a way himself, you have to watch him all the time. He’s very loving and caring, with all of us. He can also be a bit rough when playing, he likes to punch, slap and kick when given half the chance! He is high energy and wears you out, but such a bundle of complete joy. I’m clinging on to all those cuddles and kisses, his baby hair smell and chubby cheeks for as long as possible. He likes to be close to me, and if I’m there, no-one else will do. He greets his Daddy fiercely when he comes home, and he has a special place in his heart for his Grandparents, who take him swimming and give him crisps and sweets. He has started to become more and more independent, he likes to choose his clothes, right from which pants and socks to wear and he can be very fussy! He loves clothes with bananas on, as he has a favourite banana shirt, so we chose this Banana in a swim ring T shirt for the summer, which he loves, but he refused to wear the cute green shorts that go with it – I understand, it’s pretty cold outside and not really shorts weather, but pleading with him to put them on for a photo wasn’t cutting it. We settled for an upside down photo and the shorts next to him. I will get him in them for summer! (Never work with children or animals). I think it makes his eyes look green in the photo, they’re very blue normally. T shirt and shorts courtesy of Little Pancakes Kids clothes.


Breastfeeding update

I was reading my breastfeeding at 1 post the other day and in it I said I hoped to feed until aged 2 when the WHO recommends. Ahem. He still breastfeeds, once a day at bedtime. When he’s tired he asks for pyjamas, light off and Boo. If he’s tired early, I have to fend off multiple repeats of him asking for Boo time. He feeds for about 5 minutes, mostly just the one side, then he’s asleep. We then put a nappy on him (he refuses when awake but if we don’t put one on he wets the bed) and my husband carries him upstairs because he’s a dead weight! He sometimes (mostly) wakes in the night and then just climbs into our bed. He goes back to sleep until morning, I don’t breastfeed him in the night. As it’s very little inconvenience for me and such an easy way to get him to sleep, it’s just carried on. I don’t have any particular ideology, I believe it still has benefits even if they are largely comfort ones, and he’ll stop when he’s ready. I imagine that will be in the next year.

Is he a Threenager?

Probably. But although he’s rough and tumble, cheeky and makes a lot of mess – chucks things down the stairs, empties things (although not food containers so much anymore which is good), he’s getting a tad more sensible. Maybe. He doesn’t run far away from me, he holds hands crossing the road. The other day we built a simple lego car and I was worried about the little bits, he has a tendency to swipe away things but I was pleasantly surprised at how engaged he was and how well behaved he was. I definitely remember the 3 year old stage being harder with the older two. Maybe I’m just more experienced? He also has his older sister and brother to play with, he will often be playing with his sister Phoebe, they play make believe games together it’s so sweet.

Do you have a three year old? What are they up to these days?

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