Phoebe’s Indoor Glamping Party with Canvas and Stars

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Ad- gifted party

My beautiful clever girl just turned 8 and we had a very special party for her. When we were planning it, it started out as a sleepover pyjama party for her and three friends. Then, she kept saying how she wanted more people, so I said she could have more friends over but not all sleeping over. She’s at the age where everything unicorn is de rigeur, so we chose a unicorn theme.

The idea is to have beds and teepees with unicorn accessories to have an immersive experience. We were approached by Canvas and Stars indoor glamping parties in Kent, just in time for Phoebe’s birthday to see if we would try out the party experience which we said yes to of course. There are other themes, for example mermaids, and woodland. Tineke is adding ideas all the time. You can choose the number of beds you want, but bear in mind you have to have the space! We originally went for four beds, but on setup we realised that they’d have no space to move around in so we left it at three. If it was a straight sleepover I would have squeezed it in. We set up in the dining room and moved the table out.

The best thing is that Tineke comes and sets up at a time to suit you, it takes about an hour and everything is thought of. The next day she comes back and clears it all up for you too.

What Phoebe and the girls thought

She knew what it was going to be and she’d seen some pictures but her face was an actual picture when she walked in from school and saw it for the first time. The beds were made with fresh white sheets, cozy grey fleece blankets and an extra grey snuggle blanket on top. Each bed had two different unicorn pillows, it’s own teepee with either stars or stripes and fairy lights. Ribbon bunting hung between the beds, unicorn lights, tea lights and a goodie bag for each girl was on the lap trays on the beds. There was even a ‘camp fire,’ made from logs, tissue paper and electric tea lights.

Each tray had a goody bag, torch and light

The only problem we had was that as soon as anyone sat or stood on the beds (they are air beds), the tray was toppled, so we soon moved those to one side. Each tray had a torch too. Inside the goody bag was a freddo, glow sticks, heart glasses and an organza bag of glow in the dark stars. Phoebe had an extra wrapped present of a unicorn cuddly key ring.

It all looked gorgeous but would it stand up to seven 7 and 8 year olds…. it did, just. There was bouncing, eating, chatting, screaming (why is there always screaming?!), dancing, scary stories, watching of Netflix, and of course, pass the parcel. We also had a pinata in the other room where I risked my life. At one point the room looked pretty trashed but we did manage to pull it back at the end and re-do it.

Once the party guests left, Phoebe had her cousin stay over and they loved staying downstairs in the themed room. They’re pretending to be asleep of course, they went to sleep after me I think!

Final thoughts

My advice is if you’re going for this sort of party, keep it to a select few! It was stressful keeping watch and worrying something would get broken or go missing with so many there, but they did all love it. I think I still have one of the torches somewhere… It’s perfect for a sleepover party. It seems to be more geared towards girls and what they would like but absolutely boys would enjoy it too. I offered to William to stay downstairs with the girls but he didn’t want to. If it was jut him and Phoebe he probably would have done, but I think he felt a but like the third wheel with his cousin there. It was great having everything set up and cleared away, even if I did have to do the hoovering again afterwards but that’s normal. It was something different to do and I’d definitely be up for doing it again. Prices start at £30 per child, so another reason to keep it to a few.

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  • Reply Claire @ The Ladybirds' adventures

    My girls would love this as they are unicorn obsessed!

    March 28, 2019 at 9:45 pm
  • Reply David Hayward

    Perfect rooms decoration for kids. Specially for girls.

    May 11, 2019 at 7:07 am
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