Investing In A Conservatory: Uses For Your Family

Investing In A Conservatory: Uses For Your Family

A lot of families wish they had more room in their humble abode. After all, with a growing family, you need as much space as possible for all their toys and other belongings. And rather than opting for an extension which can cost a small fortune, you might want to add a conservatory to your home. For one thing, it will give you a lot of extra space for your family. And it is also a desirable feature for your home; you could add 7% to the original asking price with this feature. However, if you get a conservatory, you need to make the most of it. Here are some uses for your family when you add the new room.

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You could use the room as a playroom

For one thing, a conservatory would make an excellent playroom for the kids. After all, it can be a squeeze to fit all their items in the bedroom. So you should transport all their toys down to the conservatory. You can get some toy boxes which you can fill with all their items. And as the room is near the kitchen and your living room, you can keep a good eye on the kids. It would be great for when you are working in the garden too. After all, you can leave the conservatory open so the kids can wander in and out as they want while you are in the garden. As we said before, the conservatory can get quite cold all- year round. Therefore, it’s worth getting underfloor heating and a portable heater to ensure your kids are cozy while they are in the conservatory.

You could use it a chill out room for the adults

It’s hard to get any space from the kids in your home. After all, their toys tend to live around the whole house. But if you want somewhere for you and your hubby, you should consider making the conservatory a chill out room for the adults. With some rattan conservatory furniture and a good sized TV, you will be able to relax whether it’s day or night. You can also use the room for when you have guests over. After all, you can have a chat in the conservatory while the kids play in the other room.

You could use it as a family dining room

If you don’t have a dining room, a conservatory would make a perfect place for your family meals. After all, you can eat while you look out on the garden. And if it’s a lovely day, it will make for a great setting for your meal. And in a conservatory, you will have plenty of space for a good sized dining table and chairs. You could even add extras like a cozy seat and a fish tank to give the room some character. Just as we said above, make sure you put some heating in there. Otherwise, guests will be chilly when trying to eat their dinner at night.

 And if you like to exercise, you could always use the conservatory as a place to do yoga and meditation, or a gym. After all, it will be nice and relaxing looking out onto the garden while you exercise.

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  1. Jun 13, 2017 / 10:24 am

    Great article and some good points. A lot of our recent clients have been using conservatories for dining, seems to be a bit of a trend at the minute.

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