26 Keepsake Jewellery Ideas

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Whether you want to celebrate the love you have for you children or special family members, or if you want to have a memorial piece of jewellery, keepsake jewellery is one of the best ways to do this. There are even a whole range dedicated just for pets, with some cute dog nose prints being my favourite. I’ve seen so many different designs and ideas, so I thought I’d share my favourites here. Some of the jewellery featured is from Carus Jewellery, my sponsor; the others are from Etsy, which is a good place for those rare handmade finds and Amazon is always a good place for bargains.


The classic keepsake jewellery, you can keep a picture, lock of hair or small token in the locket. How about a book locket with a secret personal message inside? They are gorgeous, and there are so many wonderful designs out there as well as the traditional style locket. How about a clear glass locket with some pressed flowers inside from a favourite walk or garden to impress your loved one.

Fingerprint jewellery

Did you know you can get your loved one’s fingerprint, hand print or footprint onto jewellery? I did a course once and learned how to do it, but I never took it any further. It involves making the jewellery from silver or gold clay, you work with it in the clay stage and you can take imprints directly, or by making a mould out of a static fingerprint. You can then make engravings or stamps for their names or a date that is special. Babies footprints are very cute like this.

Antique Jewellery

There’s something special about an antique piece of jewellery. If you can incorporate someone’s birthstone into their jewellery, or perhaps something that has significant meaning from a certain place or time, it will make the perfect keepsake piece and become something they will treasure forever.

Drawings and photo imprints on Jewellery

Similar to fingerprint jewellery you can get a child’s drawing or an image imprinted permanently into the jewellery. It’s done at the silver or gold clay stage like the fingerprints, making the drawing into a stamp, then fired in a kiln. The results are something quite magical, and makes a bit of a change to displaying it on a fridge! A photo can be immortalised onto the jewellery in a similar way, and made into a necklace or charm for your bracelet.

Handwriting Jewellery

You can get your own or a loved one’s handwriting made into a bracelet or necklace to your requirements. Handwriting is as unique as fingerprints and it will always make you smile when you see it. This makes a stunning bracelet that’s so personal and unique to you and your family.

Cremation Jewellery

You can get some of your dearly departed’s ashes encased in jewellery so they are always close to your heart. There are ways to incorporate it into a stone or resin, or you can keep a portion of the ashes in a locket.

26 Ideas and Inspiration for Keepsake Jewellery

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There are so many new ways to keep your loved ones close to your heart, whether it's a keepsake for your children, your husband, mum, dad or a loved one who has passed on. Even pets! 26 ideas and inspiration for keepsake jewellery
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January 10, 2020
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