Maintaining Your Health After Pregnancy

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There’s a ton of advice online recommending mums-to-be on how to stay healthy while pregnant, however, there is hardly any advice informing mum’s how to stay healthy just after welcoming their baby into the world. Unfortunately, after having a baby, your immune system and your entire physical and emotional state will be drained whether you have delivered your child naturally or by c-section birth. This is ultimate because giving birth takes a lot from your body. Your hormones will also slowly shift back to normal, which can be a challenge on its own and your appetite may change drastically. Regardless of how your little bundle of joy was delivered, you should consider the following health tips to maintain your health after pregnancy.


Nutrition is crucial for everyone, and especially for mum’s who have recently welcomed their baby into the world. If you are breastfeeding, you will need to maintain a high-calorie intake as your baby will need adequate nutrients too. What’s more, you will also need to accommodate your physical activity as this will burn calories. Rapid weight loss may seem like a blessing for mum’s who have just given birth, although, losing weight too fast can be a massive warning sign. You will be able to lose your pregnancy weight gradually through a healthy diet and routine exercise, although you should avoid focusing on your weight while you are feeding your little one as nutrients are far more important than a slim physique. You will need to consume adequate fruits and vegetables as well as protein from lean meats. In the event that you have lost your appetite partially after giving birth and are struggling to eat regularly, it would be wise to consider nutrient meal shakes and vitamin supplements to ensure your baby is not affected by your loss of appetite.

Sense Of Well being

A common aspect of a healthy lifestyle that new mums are often overlooking is self-care and this aspect will directly affect your sense of well being. Regardless of how busy and tired you are, you should make time each day to care for yourself. Your physical appearance is part of self-care and therefore, keeping your appearances up will impact your psychological state in a positive way. Many mums have the common issue of calcium depletion from pregnancy and suffer tooth loss and other dental issues shortly after delivering their baby, which is why it would be a wise decision to visit your dentist for a checkup as soon as possible. Keeping your teeth white and clean is not the only concerning issue if you are experiencing confidence draining dental problems such as a broken tooth. If you need major dental work on your teeth, researching dental implants vs dental bridges would a fantastic idea to determine what to expect. Improving the appearance of your teeth can greatly enhance your sense of wellbeing.

Emotional Adjustments

Part of keeping your emotional state in check means you will need adequate sleep and while new mums all share the common issue of not being able to sleep as a result of their newborns keeping them up at night, there are several effective solutions to consider. Initially, you should consider allowing your baby to sleep near you in the evenings as this will prevent them from waking up during the night. However, the topic is quite controversial, which is why you would need to weigh out the pros and cons. Other methods of ensuring your baby sleep for longer periods of time include setting a sleep routine while allowing your significant other to manage feeds would also allow you enough sleep. Another great method of catching up on your sleep is to sleep whenever your baby sleeps in the first weeks. Therefore, when your little one has a short nap, so should you. Lack of sleep can cause chaos for your emotional state. I’ve been there!

Embrace Motherhood

Rather than concerning for your pregnancy weight and worrying about returning to work, you should take the time to enjoy the new chapter of your life. Many mums battle with baby blues as the drastic changes to their bodies and lives are challenging. However, opting to embrace your new responsibilities as a mum will essentially help you bond with your baby and beat the blues before you feel the weight of motherhood wear you down. If you are considering exercise to improve your quality of life, you should avoid strenuous activities until your little one is at least 8 weeks old. In addition to this, you should also avoid lifting anything that is heavier than your newborn as your body is adjusting.

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January 13, 2020
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