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lickmydip review

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I am what’s known as a ‘Chilli Widow.’  This means, when I married my husband, I agreed to eat meals with him a little hotter than I’d usually like, or go hungry.  I am very lucky in that he cooks a lot and is quite good at it (I am too when I put my mind to it, but if someone else is offering to do it while I can do something else then all the better.)  If he had his way, menu planning would go something like this:

Monday – Curry

Tuesday – Leftover curry

Wednesday – Chilli (extra hot)

Thursday – Baked potato with Chilli

Friday – Steak

Saturday – Curry

Sunday – Roast

I have to reign it in.  I had heard of Lick my dip and was intrigued to what they could offer for me and my chilli lover, they sent me one of their boxes for review.

What you get

A box about 10 x 8 inches in size rather like a pizza box, and inside are all sorts of chilli related goods.  We got some Mexican ‘Day of the Dead sauce, a chilli jelly sweet, some Mexican chilli and garlic cook in sauce and some horse (yes actual horse) jerky.

lick my dip hot sauce subscription review


lick my dip hot sauce subscription review

The horse jerky was a good concept, it’s honest packaging letting you know exactly what is in it and making it an interesting prospect to try.  I do like beef jerky but as a horse lover and used to be a regular rider and groomer of horses, I couldn’t knowingly eat it, so my husband stepped up.  His verdict was that the taste was good but it was a little too dry and not enough of it!  It was an interesting talking point over Christmas.  Next we tried the jelly sweet.  It was shaped like a chilli, naturally and it left a slow burn in the mouth, a weird mixture of sweet and hot – good for novelty but not as good as chilli chocolate.

Next was the chilli sauce, it’s made in Wales and lovingly called Chilli of the Valley – 100ml of hot sauce.  Verdict – a good hot and spicy sauce to pep up any meal or snack.  The Cook sauce is made by Capsicana and I’m expecting a meal with it soon – pass the sour cream!

lick my dip hot sauce subscription review

What does it cost?

It’s £12.49/month for one month, with reductions for 6 months or 12 months.  I think it’s worth the money, plus you get the surprise element of products chosen for you that you wouldn’t normally have access to.  It would make a good gift for someone and they’re all products made in the UK.   Share this if you are also a chilli widow!


Disclosure: I was sent this box for free in return for my honest and open review.

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  • Reply Mummy's Blog

    We’re the opposite, I like spice whereas my husband can’t handle it! Then again, I’m off spicy food since I’m pregnant. I agree this sounds like it would make an excellent gift for someone x

    January 12, 2016 at 1:20 am
    • Reply Midwife and Life

      It’s weird what we go off when we’re pregnant, isn’t it? All the best with your pregnancy x

      January 12, 2016 at 6:05 am

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