‘Lose 2 Stone in 2 Hours!’ – The Flat Belly Promise

No, it's not one of those ads, don't worry. Are these diets promising to 'lose belly fat fast!' anything to believe? Of course not, be proud of the mum tum!

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No, I haven’t gone mad and started promoting a weird diet, don’t worry. You hear it sitting the church hall at a baby and toddler group; you hear at the post nursery drop off catch up, you hear it at your (admittedly dwindling off) meetings with your NCT group. Enthusiastic discussions about The Flat Belly. It’s there taunting you online and on those sucking-in-your stomach Instagram posts.

Back in your pregnancy days, you thought about that post-birth moment when you will be back to seeing your feet (and let’s face it, most of your legs) again. You see it everywhere on the front pages of the magazines – it must be so easy to get that snap back body.


The Real World

A few months (or years) later, after you have spent a lot of time in the post-birth ‘look at what I have created’ haze, one day you start to remember that actually, you didn’t get rid of the belly as quickly as once thought.

While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing – come on, you are raising a young life! Not having a flat stomach is no bad thing.  Seeing the world through a child’s eyes by day, having a glass of wine as a reward for spending the day looking at the world through a child’s eyes at night. Sometimes the fact your shape has changed starts to impact on your emotional well-being, if that is the case, you can do something about it. Losing excess fat anywhere on your body is going to make you healthier, and feel great.

The Diet

There are lots of gimmicky ‘clickbait’ titles for diets (a good example being the Thinking Slimmer diet I started last January), that, going on the title alone, appear to require no effort to achieve significant results. As you can see from reading my posts on the Thinking Slimmer method, that is not quite the case. Not that it hasn’t been effective, just that it does require input from you. But these diets keep using these eye-catching promises to lure you in. And a lot of them focus on getting rid of belly fat. At the moment I’m trying some metabolism booster drinks in the morning before breakfast, and I’ve lost some inches around my waist and hips. It has to go hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle otherwise it just doesn’t work.

Flat Belly – Overnight?

One such diet is even called ‘Flat Belly Overnight’ – an online program you can purchase and use in your home. Perfect! No childcare worries and, according to the name – it’s only going to take one day!
Realistically, here’s what you can expect with flat belly overnight. Again, it doesn’t live up to the ‘watch the fat melt away without a lifestyle change’ the name promises. It has exercises and a list of foods to eat and avoid. And as we all remember from those numerous ‘first day of the new diet’ starts, you still look the same in the mirror the next day no matter how good you were the day before.

Don’t Lose Hope

The reality is, improving your body fat percentage will require long-term sustainable changes to the food you eat and your levels of exercise. If it’s easier for you to follow a similar program which can give you meal plans and exercise regimes – there are plenty of highly recommended options. It’s a lifestyle change more than anything, and starving yourself won’t get you anywhere.

Let’s face it – quick fixes aren’t likely to be achievable, and if they are, they certainly won’t be healthy. The truth is you may always have a little bit of belly fat, the skin just won’t ping back no matter how much weight you lose. It suits you, honest. 


Disclosure: collaborative post.

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April 7, 2017
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