Losing Weight on Holiday: Is It Even Possible?

Losing Weight on Holiday: Is It Even Possible?

For most people, a holiday represents the perfect opportunity to indulge in things they wouldn’t usually. You can have copious amounts of cocktails and go back to the buffet time and time again because you’re on vacation – it’s allowed. However, there are a number of reasons why you may want to lose weight while on holiday. Maybe you’re getting married when you return, and you want to make sure you fit into your wedding dress? Perhaps you’re simply committed to shedding some pounds, and you don’t want your holiday to stop you? No matter the reason, losing weight while on holiday is possible, and here’s how…


Walk whenever possible – If you are planning to explore the place you are visiting, walk whenever you can. Avoid taking a taxi, even if there are cars waiting outside of your hotel, trying to tempt you. You will be surprised by just how much walking you do when exploring, as you get lost in the beauty of what is around you. Consequently, you will be surprised by how many pounds you shed too!

Take the opportunity to relax – Holidays are supposed to be about relaxing and getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This alone will help you to lose weight. If you think about it, when we are at home and we are feeling stressed out, we tend to reach for carbs, sugar, and calories. Such foods give us instant energy and they are quick and easy to grab while you are on the go at work. You won’t have this issue to contend with while you are on holiday, so embrace it. If you really do unwind, you will find that your eating habits are naturally better.

Choose a side plate – If you are staying at an all-inclusive venue and you’re going to be eating at the buffet restaurant most nights, use a side plate to enforce portion control. This will ensure you eat less and that you are more conscious about what you put on your plate.

Take your diet plan with you – If you are following a specific diet, pack your meal replacement shakes and health bars in your suitcase, and continue to follow your diet while on vacation. This will eliminate your concerns about going to a restaurant and not finding anything that is healthy on the menu. If that’s the case, you have your replacement shake as a back up. It can put your mind at ease, as you know you won’t be forced to compromise your diet.

Fill your days with activities – Before you go on holiday, you should do a bit of research online to find out about the different activities in the area. Pre-book a few of them to ensure you will be active throughout your break. There are so many different holiday activities to enjoy, and they won’t feel like torture either! A handful of examples include: beach volleyball, kayaking, bike rides near the beach or the mountains, paddle boarding, yoga, and swimming.

Share your meals – Sharing food is a great way to lose weight while also trying more of the local cuisine. Hopefully, one of the people you are going away with will be willing to share a starter and a main dish with you. This also means that you may get to enjoy a dessert without worrying about it impacting your diet. After all, you are eating half portions of everything. Ultimately, you are having three courses, but you are consuming a lot less calories overall. It’s a unique take on portion control. In the process, you also get to try more food and enjoy the delights the country you are visiting has to offer. It’s a win-win!

Be pickier at breakfast – The breakfast buffet is the lure you want to avoid while you are on holiday. Often, we feel tempted to eat everything that is on offer simply because we can! Instead, you should make careful and considered choices. Scrambled or boiled eggs are good because they will fill you up while also giving you valuable protein. You should also try some of the local exotic fruits they are bound to have on offer. You will be trying something different to the norm while being healthy at the same time.  

Pack your own food for day trips – Finally, if you are going on any day trips, it is a good idea to pack your own food. You should also do this for the journey there and back, no matter whether you are going by plane, car, or ferry. By doing so, you won’t be tempted to buy high-fat fast food, nor will you be restricted to the potentially limited food options they have on your day trip. You will also save a good chunk of money in the process too!

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