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maintaining your home in summer

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The smart person doesn’t just take care of things; they take care of them at the right time. And if you’ve got a home, then there’s no better time to take care of business than when the weather is fine outside. Why should you get to work when the sun is shining as opposed to those dark days of winter? Well, we’ve just explained it – the sun is shining! You’ll have more energy, longer hours to get work done, and you’ll be able to soak up the rays while you’re working. Additionally, you’ll also be spending the majority of your time outside anyway, so it’s the perfect time for your house to look like a bombsite. When winter comes, it’ll be ready to go and you’ll be unwinding in your recently upgraded home!


Fixing the Garden

The main focus of your summer work will be your home, but hey, it is summer – and you’ll most likely be spending a lot of time in the garden, so that’s the first thing you should be taking care of. As soon as that’s done, you’ll have a relaxing space to unwind in after your busy days of DIY work. Your garden will have taken a battering during the winter, so when you first get into the garden you’ll face a big job of clearing away the mess that winter has brought. Trim the garden, make sure the grass is in good shape, and have everything ready for the shining sun!

Winter Issues

You don’t want to have to take care of anything during the frigid winter months, so summer is the best time for checking up on the infrastructure that will make your home run as smoothly as possible. For example, you might want to look at getting a plumber round to check on your plumbing – they’ll be less busy than during the winter, so it shouldn’t be difficult to arrange, and they can take a look and see if your pipes have been affected by some of the issues that winter brings, such as cracked pipes and checking that your boiler is in healthy condition. Summer is the time to get everything under control. It’s much nicer to pre-empt any problems when the sun is shining than not taking care of it and being uncomfortable when the cold weather comes back.   

Upheaval Indoors

Winter is the time for a cosy interior, when you sink into the deep comforts of the season and do nothing but watch films and relax. You don’t want your house to look like a building site during this time, not at all! So if you’re thinking about changing the decoration of your house, do it during spring and summer. You won’t mind if your home isn’t at peak cosiness when you’re spending most of your time in the garden, but you will in winter! Plus, with the long sunlight hours you’ll be able to spend the daytime painting and improving your rooms and still enjoy many hours of sunlight as you spend your evening outdoors.

Touching Up

Like with your pipes, the drains of your home can also feel the heat (or cold…) during winter, so when the weather is nice get the ladder out and take a look at your drains. They’ll be a lot of leaves and other winter debris clogged up in their which will have to be removed, and you should also keep your eye for any cracks that might have occurred during winter. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, get out the experts and let them give your drains a thorough look over.


Now, this one isn’t an essential task to take care of during the summer, but it can add a lot to your property – and, more importantly, it’s also fun! There are few things more enjoyable than spending the day in the sunny outdoors with a paintbrush in your hand as you touch up the peeling painted areas around your property. You’ll be surprised just how improved a gate or fence can look when it has a new coating of paint. If you’re feeling really ambitious and confident with a paintbrush, you can even look at painting the outside of your home!

Review the Windows and Doors

When the sun is shining, you’ll notice pretty quickly that your windows are, well, pretty filthy. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you should replace them, but it might be a good to look into the idea, especially if your windows are old. Modern windows are really effective at keeping the heat in, and if you’ve got dated windows then you might be losing plenty of heat during winter – and thus plenty of money. Your doors will age faster than windows, too, so have a review and see if you might be better getting a new front door.

Getting Rid Of the Pests

There’s no getting round it: when the weather gets nicer, the insects and other pests become more of a permanent fixture in your home. And once they’re there, they can cause a whole host of problems that can be difficult to get rid of. Check your property to see if there’s any signs of pests who might also be calling your property home. If not, this will be more of a precautionary task. It’s actually really simple to get rid of bugs if you know what you’re doing: just take a read of how to get rid of indoor bugs.

Fun Projects

Not everything you do during the summer has to be for the long term benefit of your home. You can also start projects for no other reason than it’s something to do and it’s fun! If you’re a bird lover, then you can keep yourself active – and do your bit for nature – by building a bird feeder and/or box. Alternatively, those of a more ambitious bent might find that they’re willing to take on a task that their children will love this summer: the treehouse. Whatever it is, you’ll be making good use of your summer!

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April 4, 2017
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