Maternity Leave Bucket List Ideas

Maternity leave can feel long when you're waiting for baby and short when it's time to return to work, here are 35 ideas for your maternity leave bucket list, both before baby arrives and after! Plus free printable bucket list for you to customise. #pregnancy #baby #newborn #maternityleave #bucketlist #maternity

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I love reading bucket lists online so here’s my maternity leave version. I’ve split it into before and after having your baby. Let’s hope you have at least a few weeks to enjoy maternity leave before your baby arrives. My last baby came 3 weeks early and I hadn’t had much of a chance to do anything! Here are some ideas of things to do whilst you’re waiting, it’s by no means a prescription, some are practical ideas and some are a bit of fun. I’d love to hear your suggestions too so let me know your top maternity leave bucket list and I’ll add them in. I’ve made you a printable maternity leave bucket list where you can write your own ones in, it’s half way down this post 😊

Before baby arrives

Go to an antenatal breastfeeding session These may be run by your midwife, health visitor or by your local La Leche League. There are also online courses you can attend if you want to learn in your own time.

Find out about local baby groups and classes Check your local children’s centres, churches, village hall, libraries and private classes you might want to join.

Stock up on nappies You can never have too many. Buy different sizes too, and wipes. Amazon often have lightning deals for boxes of nappies and wipes so keep an eye out for those.

Batch cooking If you can make loads of comfort food and stock up the freezer, if you’re not much of a cook get some ready meals and pizzas in, neither of you will feel like cooking a lot and it saves arguments.

Catch up with friends and family  Go to all the coffees and lunches you can whilst you can enjoy them without a small saboteur.

Hypnobirthing / relaxation prep Practice relaxation techniques, go over your hypnobirthing, listen to affirmations. Meditate, whatever you like to do to relax. Practice deep breathing for labour.

Declutter Your mind will feel clearer if you ditch the clutter and you’ll need some room for the baby clutter.

Join a gym with a creche If you like your gym and exercise, look for gyms with a creche. They will take babies from their second set of jabs at around 14 weeks.

Practice folding and unfolding the buggy/pram/stroller Trust me, you don’t want to be learning to fold it when the baby’s screaming and you’re all sweating and swearing.

Practice carrying the car seat and putting it in and out of the car See above, it’s also often what you carry the baby out of the hospital in, so figure out the straps and how they tighten and release.

Practice tying the sling or putting on the baby carrier. Find something weighty to practice with The baby carrier can be your life saver when you have an unsettled baby.

If you’re planning on bottle feeding get familiar with the bottles and how they come apart and sterilise You don’t want to be fiddling about at 3am trying to sterilise bottles and figure out what bit goes where.

Buy or make milestone cards here’s a free printable set or try these ones to buy

Binge watch those TV shows you wanted to catch up on

Nesting – it will come to you! Do a small redecoration project, get that feature wall up, re-arrange the living room

Wash the baby clothes if you want to

Practice nappy changing with a doll or teddy

Join a parenting and baby Facebook group

Sign up for all the pregnancy freebies if you haven’t already

Sort life insurance out if you don’t have it

Make a will if you haven’t already

Get your hair done

Have some beauty treatments

Get a belly cast done, or do one yourself (get a friend or your partner to help you)There are  kits you can buy online and youtube tutorials.

Get belly art done if you have an arty friend

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Life with a baby

Measure milestones with your milestone cards I love these blankets to put your baby on with or without the cards – perfect for those Instagram photos!

Go swimming together

Go to the cinema with your baby, they have special screenings for mums and babies

Go to a babywearing exercise class

Schedule a date night with your partner (once you’re established with feeding)

Take each day as it comes

Get your baby’s feet and hand prints in their memory book or just on paper. You can get inkless hand and footprint kits on Amazon or air dried clay kits like this one.

Fill in your baby book – I have 3 virtually empty ones!

Be kind to yourself, don’t expect too much

Have a newborn photo shoot if finances allow, it’s so worth it I had a lady come to my house for Daniel and the pictures are stunning, I wish I had done it for the others too.


Do nothing don’t even get dressed. Definitely no washing up or cleaning. Feed, eat, watch, read, nap. You’re doing great xx

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Maternity leave can feel long when you're waiting for baby and short when it's time to return to work, here are 35 ideas for your maternity leave bucket list, both before baby arrives and after! Plus free printable bucket list for you to customise. #pregnancy #baby #newborn #maternityleave #bucketlist #maternity

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