On this day: Using memory triggers for dementia patients

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A couple of times a week in the nursing home where I work, they use prompts for memories. They go back in time and talk about the same day but in years past. Dementia patients may not remember this morning, but they do remember 40 years ago, and talking about those times helps them feel calmer and less confused. Another project we like to do is baking. It helps their fine motor skills, social skills and the smell of baking and cooking together brings back happy memories. Last week we made chocolates together, I had to get in touch with the right chocolate moulds supplier to get the ones we wanted and then we went for it.

Choose your time carefully, dementia sufferers tend to get worse in the early evening (sundowning) so morning after breakfast is a good time. After lunch they usually will be sleepy. You know your relative/resident best though, so experiment with them for the best time.

Did you know on 8th January in 1978 All creatures great and small debuted on the TV? Try looking up a few facts and get the music, pictures, newspapers, film together to match and they will love it. I’ve been given this infographic to share with you and it is packed with information to use, so feel free to share it.

Infographic via cash lady

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January 7, 2020
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