Got an MOT coming up? You need to read this!

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If you’re like me, you passed your driving test a while ago and although you feel like you’re safe on the road and of course you know the rules of the road, but do you really? Things are always changing, and if you don’t know all the latest differences, you could be about to fail your MOT.

For a more detailed look on all the the most recent adjustments that have been made, including changes to MOTs, driving tests and general road usage, download the new eBook from Kwikfit, which outlines some of the more major developments to #DrivingIn2019. For now, here’s some basics to staying safe on the road with your car maintenance, especially when you have babies and children on board:

Check your tyres

Make sure every couple of months you check the air pressure, and actually take a note of what the pressure is supposed to be. Keep an eye on the tread, and keep a spare wheel in the boot.

Keep an emergency kit

In France and other European countries, it’s the law to have an emergency first aid kit and breakdown kit in your car. It’s such a good idea. We’ve had to use ours on days out, it’s so handy to have. It’s only after you experience a break down or accident that you realise how much it helps. Don’t forget a blanket and an emergency raincoat or umbrella, if you break down on a major road, it’s safest to get out of the car whatever the weather.

Keep the kids rear facing

Use a rear facing car seat for as long as possible, whatever their age. It’s so much safer than front facing.

Don’t forget the service

Keep up to date with services on your car, they aren’t compulsory, but it helps keep the car in good shape for the MOT and general road worthiness.

Safe driving everyone!

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May 15, 2019
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