Mug Moods

Mug Moods

Like most people, I like need a cup of tea to get me going in the mornings.  Whether it’s psychological or not, there’s something so comforting about the mug of hot brown liquid gold that sets me up and lifts my mood to prepare me for the day.  I take my tea pretty simply; a plain teabag, boiling water and milk, but I really am quite particular about the mug it’s in.  Earlier on this year my husband was complaining about our many mismatched mugs so after much deliberation I chose these:


When I bought them, I just liked the animal patterns and the general size of them and the handle seemed a good fit for my hand.  All good things to consider in a purchase I find.  My husband also wanted them to be bone china (he really isn’t quite so particular in life as he sounds!).  As I started using them for my morning cuppa, I discovered it depended on my mood as to which mug I went for.

My favourite is the ducks and swans one, I love bird patterns on pretty much anything and the little faces on the birds make me smile and let’s face it swans are amazing creatures – this is my go to mug when I’m feeling happy, I’ve had an ok nights sleep and my mood hasn’t had a chance to sour.  Baby Daniel doesn’t sleep through but if disturbance is minimal I can feel reasonably rested.

If I’m feeling a bit under the weather, not such a good night’s sleep, maybe a bit of a cold, maybe just feeling a tiny bit irrational then it’s the rabbit mug for me.  There are two hares fighting on it so there’s an element of conflict there which represents any minor or rumbling inner angst (we’re getting deep here).

The next level is the squirrels.  What’s wrong with the cute little squirrels, and what have they done to deserve the next level?  Well, they can be cute in real life and rather charming but they are always darting about and are quite rodent like when you think about it, but on the mug the red squirrels depicted have (to me) quite anxious little faces, and this mug is the one I use when I’m feeling a bit anxious and stressed.  Thankfully, I don’t tend to go for it that much because it’s a bit of an inbetween level, it’s normally 1, 2 or straight to 4!

I’ve had hardly any sleep, I am facing the day with all three children on my own with no clear agenda, perhaps one or more people are crying and being demanding, I have lots of things I’d rather be doing than what I have to do, I have no money, my hormones are raging, maybe we’ve run out of wine or even worse, chocolate.  It’s a badger day.

Sometimes I make myself go for the birds to force myself happy and it does work a lot of the time!  The badger days are quite rare and usually tongue in cheek so I’m wallowing in it.  Even when I’m at work I choose my mug carefully to represent me if I have a choice.

Do you have any morning tea or coffee rituals and can they affect what sort of day you have?  I’d love to hear from you x

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