Num Noms Lipgloss Truck Playset Review

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I couldn’t resist yet more Num noms, those scented pastel collectables are still high on Phoebe’s agenda. The latest addition is the Lipgloss truck playset, where you can make your own lipgloss and dish it out like ice cream with your favourite Num Nom characters. It is retailing at around £25, and I think you get a fair amount for your money:

The Num Noms truck including plunger to dispense the lip gloss

1 Classic Num Nom

2 Ice cream Num Noms (where you can store the lip gloss)

An ice cream glass and Num nom ice cream top

2 Pots of sauce and a pot of glitter to make the lip gloss

Plenty of lip gloss base

Cherry stirring spoon

Cupcake case bowl and ice cream lid

How to make the lip gloss

The truck comes pre made and there is minimal assembly. You will need scissors to get it all out from the packaging, but that seems to be standard for most toys. The lip gloss is simple to make, you get a big tub of lip gloss, then you add one of the flavours which look like ice cream sauce bottles, then mix a few drops in with a portion of the base. Then add some glitter sprinkles and it’s done. You can put it into the ice cream glass, or the ice cream num nom cones. It’s easy for children to do, and they can spoon it into the plunger to make it come out like Mr Whippy. Phoebe enjoys making hers queue up for ‘ice cream.’ The truck drives around and your Num Noms can drive it from the front and fit in to serve the lip gloss. The ice cream on top of the truck is the lid of the bowl and the cherry is the stirring spoon so it all fits together. The sprinkles and sauce bottles fit in to their slots so you can keep everything together. Great birthday or Christmas present, or as a treat.

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  • Reply Kim Carberry

    Ohh! This looks like fantastic fun. My girl is crazy about Num Noms and has been mentioning the ice cream truck. It’s already on her birthday list.

    May 8, 2018 at 5:18 pm
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