Remarkable Facts About Your Morning Coffee

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With 54% of us drinking coffee each day, it’s not at all unusual to enjoy a cup of joe as part of your morning routine. It’s a convenient (and often tasty) way to jump-start your day. But have you ever thought about where coffee comes from?

Coffee comes in a wide range of varieties, from mocha cappuccino to kopi luwak (the most expensive coffee in the world, worth $600 a pound). Every single one of them, however, can be traced back to one of two types of beans: arabica and robusta. Arabica is more common, contains less caffeine, and grows in areas such as Latin America and Central America. Robusta is more often found in blends and instant coffee, easier to cultivate, and mostly grows in Brazil.

Arguably even more diverse than coffee itself are the containers it comes in—including disposable paper cups, double-walled metal travel cups, ceramic demitasses, and many more. Each type of cup or mug comes with its own advantages or disadvantages—particularly with regard to its impact on the environment.

This helpful infographic from Printwand illustrates everything you need to know about coffee, from the beans that grow in the ground to the savoury beverage in your mug.

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May 8, 2018
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