Our Easter Traditions

Our Easter Traditions

When I was a child, Easter was a big deal. It was all about Christ being reborn, and having gone to all Catholic schools, the message was drummed home. Of course, there were chocolates, Easter eggs and Easter sweets galore. The day would involve starting with an egg and soldiers breakfast of course – one year I remember it was coloured, which I thought was amazing! Then when we were all dressed, there was an egg hunt where we’d get one big Easter egg each. There may have been other eggs or chocolates from Grandparents, but that was it, and it was plenty. We’d have a big roast dinner, usually lamb, and the TV would have films and special episodes, a bit like Christmas.


Once I grew up and discovered other religions, I grew sceptical and decided I wouldn’t celebrate Easter, apart from buying discounted eggs and chocolates in the days afterwards. I was also working as a nurse or a midwife, and was often working some or all of the bank holiday weekend. It made me resent the holiday a little. Now I have a family of my own and I’m no longer bound by shifts (my work is more freelance, on the blog and I occasionally work as an agency midwife to keep up to date), I embrace the Easter celebrations once more. I no longer think of it as a religious holiday, more of a pagan spring festival – with chocolate. I’m now an atheist after all that Catholic upbringing!

Nowadays in our house, it’s probably very similar to when I was a child, but there seems to be more chocolate and sweets, and sometimes presents. My son William wants a game for his 2DS instead of a big egg. I know he’ll get chocolate galore from Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles, so he won’t miss out. We often see family and this year is no exception. We’re planning a big get together with my husband’s side of the family which has in total 10 grandchildren – they all get on so well and it’s wonderful when they’re together. We’re heading for the Himalayan Gardens, which is a lovely woodland and formal gardens in Riverhill near Sevenoaks and it even has a lesser spotted yeti! We went there two years ago, I’m looking forward to going back. Phoebe was scared of the yeti but William said hello. Daniel was only a baby, so he’ll love it this time. I may take some eggs to hide. Both Aldi and Lidl have trays of small coloured chocolate eggs which are perfect for hunts. Let’s hope it’s nice weather!



What are your Easter traditions? Will you be starting your Easter family traditions this year?

Happy Easter


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