Oxo Tot and Little Yeos review

Oxo Tot and Little Yeos review

My growing boy Baby D is now 10 months old – how time flies!  I can’t believe he’s going to be 1 soon.  He’s really getting stuck into his food now and one of his favourite snacks since we started weaning is yoghurt.  Normally we give him supermarket own brand yoghurts but when we were offered the chance to try Little Yeos yoghurts I was more than happy to offer them to him to see if they passed the taste test.  They also sent us OXO tot’s roll up bib and On-The-Go Feeding Spoon.

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The soft silicone of the feeding spoon was very tactile and I loved the colour – raspberry!  Baby D liked it too; one of his favourite activities at the moment is as soon as the dishwasher is opened he climbs on it and grabs cutlery, I have to be quick and remove sharp objects and close it back up again!  He loves chomping on the spoon and I’m able to let him as there’s no sharp edges.  The ergonomic design of the handle makes it easy to feed and it feels very sturdy and well made, it’s also shallow so that you don’t put too much onto the spoon.  Once he’s finished the yoghurt I give him the empty carton and spoon and it keeps him amused as well as letting him practice his manual dexterity.  Be prepared for mess though!


The spoon also comes with it’s own carry case much like a travel toothbrush and it’s great for putting in your changing  bag for when you’re out and about.

The bib is quite clever because not only is it wipe clean meaning you don’t get those awful orange stains (!) but it rolls up neatly to pop in your bag and it has a ‘crumb catcher’ as I call it made of the same soft food safe silicone that is just the right height.  When your baby is done eating you can roll it up and any dirt can be contained so it doesn’t mess up your bag.


Here’s Baby D getting ready for a snack, he does like to chew on it whilst he’s waiting!


This was taken whilst we were out at a café, I think it suits him rather well and it survives him chewing and fiddling around with it.  The yogurts I can safely say were a success!  He is somewhat of a yoghurt connoisseur so there’s no fooling him when something isn’t up to scratch.  His favourite flavour seemed to be the strawberry and peach, but all were eaten with the pretty much the same levels of enthusiasm.  I’m careful what I give him and I was pleased to note that they have no added refined sugar and are made from organic ingredients.  The other flavours we tried were pear and apple, natural, mango and vanilla, strawberry and vanilla, strawberry and raspberry.  The packaging has craft activities printed on the inside and you can collect tokens called ‘Yeokens’ for freebies and exclusive yeo goodies.


We recently enjoyed a trip to Hyde Park in London and took some Little Yeos with us along with the oxo tots spoon and roll up bib, they made a nice addition to our picnic and the bib and spoon were easily carried.  The weather was fantastic and a beautiful environment for a picnic.

 hyde-park-midwifeandlife.com-oxo-tots-little-yeos-reviewHere’s a little video I made of Baby D enjoying his yoghurt, as you can see he likes to have a little taste just to make sure first and then he’s happy happy!  I’d love to hear about your weaning adventures and how you enjoy snack time with your baby.  What’s their favourite flavour?

Baby D enjoying his yoghurt

Disclosure: I was given these products for free in return for my open and honest opinions.

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  1. November 10, 2015 / 9:12 pm

    The bib and spoon look ideal. I remember when my boys were little, attempting to wipe bibs and spoons clean with nappy wipes before putting them back in my bag. These are so much better. #TriedTested

  2. November 11, 2015 / 10:32 am

    My kids love Little Yeos too! Oxo Tots always have a fabulous wenaing range – will be checking them out again soon! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

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