PJ Masks Turbo Blast Racers Catboy vs Romeo’s Lab Review


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In case you didn’t know, the PJ Masks TV series features mini super heroes who are normal school children, but transform into Catboy, Owlette and Gekko to fight evil such as Romeo. Kids love the colourful characters and can identify with any of the 3 characters. All the superheroes have equal standing. Of course there is a toy range that goes with it, and you can get lots of different play sets. Today we’re talking about one of 2018’s new must have additions to the PJ Masks toy range, Turbo blast racers. In particular, Catboy’s car the Cat-car and Romeo’s Lab. You can bring the show to life with these cars, which come with separate pose-able figures. They can battle it out together or race for the win.  You can also get Gekko’s Gekko Mobile and Owlette’s Owl Glider. The RRP is £14.99 each. Here’s Daniel having a play with his Catboy and Romeo’s Lab sets:





Look at his happy face! He loved pitting them against one another and making them crash. The Catboy character sits in his car well, there’s space for his tail to sit too. Romeo has a hole in his foot so he stands up on a bit that pokes up at the front of his lab car. He has a cage in the back for his victims! He’s a bit tricky to get to stand up so little hands might need a bit of help. The cars don’t take batteries or wind up to go which is the only negative I’d say, for the price and for something that is supposed to be ‘Turbo’ I might expect at least a pull back and go feature, but they are sturdy and well made, and full of detail and character. I like the fact that the figures are removable and movable, which encourages imaginative play, plus if you have any of the other play sets or are planning on getting them, you can use the figures in all of them. Everyone I spoke to was very jealous that we had Romeo’s Lab car, he’s very popular, and they are new for April 2018 so be quick! My 3 year old boy and my soon to be 7 year old girl loves them, and they’ve had lots of fun and games with them. Here are the links to buy from Amazon, where it’s usually the best price, just click on the product images:


Enjoy saving the world!

Disclosure: we were gifted the items in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

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  • Reply Matt

    Great blog!
    Love these Turbo Racers!
    Now gonna buy one for my nephew (just turning 4 years old)
    Keep up the great reviews!

    March 26, 2018 at 8:32 am
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